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Meetings attended by SPRFMO Secretariat staff and officials 


  • GALAPEX 2024: (25 June 2024). An exercise organized by the Ecuadorian National Navy where naval forces from different countries engage in tactical scenarios, involving vessels, VMS systems, and personnel, within simulated boarding and inspection operations. The Compliance Manager provided a virtual presentation during the first day of the meeting on aspects of SPRFMO's CMM 06-2023 (VMS) and CMM 11-2023 (HSBI) requirements. 
  • Review of the Deep-sea fisheries Guidelines 2024: (8 May 2024). During an online event, The Common Oceans Deep-sea fisheries project of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) unveiled a new study on the implementation of FAO's 2008 deep-sea fisheries guidelines along with an e-learning course on deep-sea fisheries, contributing to efforts to safeguard deep-sea ecosystems and ensure the responsible utilization of marine resources. The Executive Secretary presented SPRFMOs successes and challenges with respect to implementation of the FAO Deep-sea Fisheries Guidelines. The webinar recording is available via the FAO elearning Academy: Deep sea fisheries and their management in the high seas: An introduction and review of recent developments.
  • FAO Workshop on the Compliance Agreement: (Paris, FR; 29-30 April 2024). The Compliance Manager was invited to participate in a 2-day FAO informal workshop where the FAO facilitated discussions on the relevance of the FAO Compliance Agreement and any areas and provisions that may require strengthening (link to final agenda). A short presentation was provided on the implementation of the Compliance Agreement principles within the SPRFMO CMMs. The participants and proceedings of the expert workshop, recommendations and supplementary information of actionable points for each recommendation will be reflected and incorporated into the Study on the Implementation of the 1993 FAO Compliance Agreement which FAO will publish in all its official languages.
  • Regional Coordination Meeting for the South West Pacific on the FAO Agreement on Port State Measures:  (Auckland, NZ; 12-16 February 2024). The Compliance Manager participated for 2 days of sessions during this meeting and presented on the implementation of the PSMA in respect to the SPRFMO Port Inspections CMM 07-2022 (port inspection implementation report) and participated in discussions. In total, delegates represented 4 regional fishery bodies and 9 countries (including delegates from SPRFMO Members e.g. NZ, VUT). This meeting is one of several planned Regional Coordination Meetings being held globally to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Agreement, and to follow up on the implementation of the “Bali Strategy” adopted at the Fourth meeting of the Parties (agenda linked). 
  • Pan-Pacific Fisheries Compliance Network (PPFCN): The PPFCN is an informal group of RFMO Compliance Officers supported logistically by the International Monitoring, Control, Surveillance (IMCS) Network that was established in 2020 to help foster better networking between RFMO colleagues in the Pacific. The group convenes virtually for 60-90 minute sessions several times per year for general discussion on topics of mutual interest. There is also opportunity for smaller group discussions and exchange on topics of specific interest. The Compliance Manager is the principal  SPRFMO participant (and the current Chairperson until June 2024) and is supported by the Data Manager. The  2024 virtual meetings for the full group include: 06 March / 07 June and VMS specific virtual meetings held: 08 March / 23 April.

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