Jack mackerel school of fish

CMM 12 Regulation of Transhipment and Other Transfer Activities

CMM 12 (Transhipment) covers transhipments of fishery resources caught in the Convention Area, where "transhipment" is defined as the unloading of all or any of the fishery resources or fishery resource products derived from fishing in the Convention Area on board a fishing vessel to another fishing vessel either at sea or in port. Paragraph 4 of CMM 12 requires the competent authorities of both the unloading and receiving vessels to notify the Secretariat of an intention to tranship at least 12 hours before the estimated time of such activity. Paragraph 8 of CMM 12 requires the competent authorities of the unloading fishing vessel and the receiving fishing vessel to notify all the operational details to the Secretariat, no later than 7 days after the transhipment is carried out, or for vessels engaged in the jumbo flying squid fishery, within 20 days of the end of each quarter.