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The Interim Secretariat has received the following European Union transhipment data submissions for 2009:

a. List of Vessels which Participated in Transhipment Operations with European Union (EU) Vessels in the SPRFMO Area During 2009

This is an exhaustive list of reefer vessels transhipping with EU vessels in the Area during 2009.
It was noted that not all the vessels provided in this list have been or are supporting the EU fishing vessels in the SPRFMO Area.

List of vessels transhipping with European Union vessels in the SPRFMO Area in 2009 (table).


b. List of European Union (EU) Fishing Vessels that Participated in Transhipment Operations in the SPRFMO Area During 2009

The list of EU fishing vessels that participated in transhipment operations in the SPRFMO Area during 2009 is available here.