Jack mackerel school of fish

Register of Vessels Authorised to Fish for Trachurus murphyi (2018)

A list of vessels which are currently authorised to fish in the SPRFMO Convention Area is available by using the View public vessel report.

Vessels actively fishing or engaged in Transhipment activities for T. murphyi (2018)

As required under CMM 01, the Secretariat maintains lists of vessels that have been actively fishing for Trachurus murphyi or engaging in Transhipment activities within the Convention Area during 2018.

In the following table a "C" (for catching) refers to the group of activities defined in the Convention Article 1, 1(g)(i) & (ii). The letter "T" (for transhipment) refers to activities defined in Article 1, 1(g)(iii) & 1(o).

Vessel Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov
Chile San Jos         C          
Lider         C          
China Kai Fu Hao   C C C C C C C    
Kai Yu   C C C C C C C    
European Union Margiris C C   C C C        
Korea Kwang Ja Hao         C C C C C  
Sejong                 C C
Panama Frio Antwerp     T              
Frio Nagato       T T          
Frio Olympic           T        
Frio Chikuma           T        
Russian Federation Maironis     C C C C