Jack mackerel school of fish


The SPRFMO database is the centralised and secure repository of SPRFMO data assets.  The SPRFMO database is hosted by FINNZ, an organisation based in Wellington with a great deal of experience in fisheries-related software development. The SPRFMO database also supports the SPRFMO Record of Vessels which is available as the public vessel record as well as the vessel information held by the Commission VMS.

Public access to the Vessel Record does not require a login: View public vessel record 

However, login access to the database can be requested following the instructions given here: General User Information. Once login access has been approved,  Database Login will allow the user to submit data on behalf of their Member/CNCP and view Member/CNCP specific data. A user manual for the application is available here: User Manual (Version1.2) 3.5Mb