Jack mackerel school of fish

2nd Commission Meeting

Manta, Ecuador
Manta Host Hotel
27 January to 31 January 2014
Mr Bill Mansfield
Executive Secretary:
Robin Allen (Acting)


The second Commission Meeting of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation was held in Manta, Ecuador from 27 to 31 January 2014.

Chairperson's (Bill Mansfield) opening address

Meeting Report

Annex A - Commission Agenda

Annex B - Decision 2.01 Appointment of Officers for subsidiary bodies in the second year of the Commission

Annex C - CMM 2.02 Standards for the Collection, Reporting, Verification and Exchange of Data

Annex D - Roadmap for the Scientific Committee

Annex E - Report of the 1st Compliance & Technical Committee (CTC) meeting

Annex F - Report of the 1st Eastern Sub-Regional Management Committee (ESRC) meeting

Annex G - CMM 2.01 Conservation and Management Measure for Trachurus murphyi

Annex H - Cook Islands Statement

Annex I - Peru Statement

Annex J - Russian Federation Statement

Annex K - Proposed Jack Mackerel Rebuilding plan

Annex L - Report of the 1st Finance & Administration Committee (FAC) meeting

Annex M - CMM 2.03 Management of Bottom Fishing in the SPRFMO Convention Area

Annex N - CMM 2.04 Minimising Bycatch of Seabirds in the SPRFMO Convention Area

Annex O - CMM 2.05 Establishment of the Commission record of Vessels authorised to fish in the Convention Area

Annex P - CMM 2.06 Establishment of the Vessel Monitoring System in the SPRFMO Convention Area

Annex Q - CMM 2.07 Minimum Standards of Inspection in Port

Annex R - Ecuador Statement

Annex S - List of Attendees

The 1st meetings of three Subsidary bodies were held in conjunction with the 2nd Commission meeting. The Subsidary bodies have individual meeting pages:
Compliance &Technical Committee
Eastern Sub-Regional Management Committee
Finance & Administration Committee

COMM-02-01_rev1 Provisional Agenda for the Second Meeting of the Commission of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation with supplementary item
COMM-02-02 Status of the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Fishery Resources in the South Pacific Ocean
COMM-02-03 Report of 1st Scientific Committee Meeting
COMM-02-04 Report of 1st Finance & Administration Committee Meeting
COMM-02-05 Report of 1st Compliance & Technical Committee Meeting
COMM-02-06 Report of 1st Eastern Sub-Regional Management Committee Meeting
COMM-02-07 Proposed CMM for the Management of Bottom Fishing in the SPRFMO Convention Area - Australia and New Zealand
COMM-02-08 Proposed CMM for minimising bycatch of seabirds in the SPRFMO Convention Area - New Zealand
COMM-02-09 2013 Draft Annual Report
COMM-02-INF-01 Commission Document List
COMM-02-INF-02 Data submitted to the Secretariat
COMM-02-INF-03 List of vessels having actively fished or been engaged in transshipment of Trachurus murphyi within the Convention Area during 2013
COMM-02-INF-04 (Rev3a) Meeting Program and Timetable
COMM-02-OBS-01 NZHSG Alternative Proposal for the Management of Deepwater Fisheries of the South Pacific (3.3 MB)
COMM-02-OBS-02 DSCC SPRFMO brief 2nd Meeting 2014
COMM-02-WP-02 Peru position paper
COMM-02-WP-04 Chile position paper