Jack mackerel school of fish

Meeting Papers

COMM-02-01_rev1 Provisional Agenda for the Second Meeting of the Commission of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation with supplementary item

COMM-02-02 Status of the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Fishery Resources in the South Pacific Ocean

COMM-02-03 Report of 1st Scientific Committee Meeting

COMM-02-04 Report of 1st Finance & Administration Committee Meeting

COMM-02-05 Report of 1st Compliance & Technical Committee Meeting

COMM-02-06 Report of 1st Eastern Sub-Regional Management Committee Meeting

COMM-02-07 Proposed CMM for the Management of Bottom Fishing in the SPRFMO Convention Area - Australia and New Zealand

COMM-02-08 Proposed CMM for minimising bycatch of seabirds in the SPRFMO Convention Area - New Zealand

COMM-02-09 2013 Draft Annual Report

Information Papers

COMM-02-INF-01 Commission Document List

COMM-02-INF-02 Data submitted to the Secretariat

COMM-02-INF-03 List of vessels having actively fished or been engaged in transshipment of Trachurus murphyi within the Convention Area during 2013

COMM-02-INF-04 (Rev3a) Meeting Program and Timetable

Observer Papers

COMM-02-OBS-01 NZHSG Alternative Proposal for the Management of Deepwater Fisheries of the South Pacific (3.3 MB)

COMM-02-OBS-02 DSCC SPRFMO brief 2nd Meeting 2014

Declarations and Statements

COMM-02-WP-02 Peru position paper

COMM-02-WP-04 Chile position paper