Jack mackerel school of fish

Meeting Documents

The documents discussed by the 3rd Annual Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission are listed below:


COMM-03-01 Provisional Agenda for the Third Meeting of the Commission of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation with supplementary items

COMM-03-01_supp Annotated Agenda

COMM-03-02 3rd Commission meeting Document List

COMM-03-03 Status of the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Fishery Resources in the South Pacific Ocean

COMM-03-04 Participation in the taking of decisions by the Commission

COMM-03-05 Report of the 2nd Scientific Committee meeting

COMM-02-06 Report of the 2nd Finance & Administration Committee meeting

COMM-03-07 Report of the 2nd Compliance & Technical Committee meeting

COMM-03-08 Draft Annual report of the Commission

COMM-03-09 European Union's Proposed amendments to the SPRFMO Rules of Procedure


Information Papers

COMM-03-INF-01 Data submitted to the Secretariat

COMM-03-INF-02 Tentative Meeting Program and Timetable

COMM-03-INF-03 The Secretariat's administrative reports

COMM-03-INF-04 The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition's SPRFMO Briefing 2015

COMM-03-INF-05 Chilean Jack Mackerel Fisheries Regime

COMM-03-INF-06 SPRFMO ABNJ Deep sea Activities

COMM-03-INF-07 Statement by CPPS