Jack mackerel school of fish

4th Commission Meeting

Valdivia, Chile
Dreams Hotel
25 January to 29 January 2016
Mr Gordon Neil
Executive Secretary:
Dr Johanne Fischer


The fourth Commission Meeting of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation was held in Valdivia, Chile, from 25 to 29 January 2016. The meetings of the 3rd Compliance & Technical Committee and the 3rd Finance & Administration Committee were held in conjunction with the 4th Commission meeting. The venue was the Dreams Hotel.


The FINAL REPORT is now available.

Annex A - Welcome by Raul Sunico (Chile)

Annex B - Chairpersons opening speech (Gordon Neil)

Annex C - Statement by the DeepSea Conservation Coalition

Annex D - Scientific Committee Workplan for 2016

Annex E - Report of the 3rd Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) meeting

Annex F - SPRFMO Staff Regulations

Annex G - Budget for the 2016-17 Financial Year

Annex H - Report of the 3rd Compliance and Technical (CTC) Committee

Annex I - Final Compliance Report (2016)

Annex J - Final IUU List (2016)

Annex K - Amendment to Decision 1.02 (Rules for CNCPs)

Annex L - Report of the VMS Working Group

Annex M - Amended Terms of Reference for the VMS Working Group

Annex N - CMM 4.01 for Trachurus murphyi

Annex O - Amendment to CMM 1.04 (Establishing an IUU List)

Annex P - Amendment to CMM 3.02 (Data Standards)

Annex Q - CMM for New and Exploratory Fishing

Annex R - Amendment to CMM 2.05 (Record of Vessels)

Annex S - CMM for Exploratory Fishing for Toothfish

Annex T - Amendment to CMM 2.04 (Minimising Bycatch of Seabirds)

Annex U - Amendment to CMM 3.03 (Compliance Monitoring Scheme)

Annex V - Amendment to CMM 2.03 (Bottom Fishing)

Annex W - CMM on Vessels without Nationality

Annex X - Terms of Reference for the Observer Programme Working Group

Annex Y - List of Attendees

Please note that proposals to amend the SPRFMO CMMs are included under the meeting page of the Compliance and Technical Committee.

COMM-04-01 Provisional

COMM-04-01_supp Annotated Agenda

COMM-04-02 4th Commission Meeting Document List

COMM-04-03 Status of the Convention (Depositary)

COMM-04-04 Draft Annual Report of the Commission

COMM-04-05 Report of the 3rd Scientific Committee meeting

COMM-04-06 Report of the 3rd Finance & Administration Committee meeting

COMM-04-07 Report of the 3rd Compliance & Technical Committee meeting

COMM-04-08 Access to evidence leading to IUU listing

COMM-04-09 Memorandum of Understanding with CCAMLR

COMM-04-10 NZ Proposed Amendment to CMM 1.04


COMM-04-INF-01 Data submitted to the Secretariat

COMM-04-INF-02 Tentative Meeting Program and Timetable

COMM-04-INF-03 The Secretariat's administrative report

COMM-04-INF-04 Observer Programmes of RFMOs

COMM-04-INF-05 List of Authorised and Active vessels

COMM-04-INF-06 DeepSea Conservation Coalition Briefing for the 4th Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission

COMM-04-INF-07 Southern Hemisphere Porbeagle Stock Assessment update

COMM-04-WP-01 Proposed Ammendment to CMM 3.01 (Korea)

COMM-04-WP-02 SC report presentation

COMM-04-WP-03_rev4 Proposal for a CMM for Exploratory Fisheries (Australia)

COMM04-WP-04_rev1 Proposed Amendment to CMM2.07 Port inspection (Chile)

COMM-04-WP-05_rev1 DRAFT Terms of Reference for the SPRFMO OPWG

COMM-04-WP-06_rev1 NZ Proposed Amendment to CMM 1.04

COMM04-WP-07 Recommended ammendments to the Implementation Report Template

COMM-04-WP-08 Preliminary List of Attendees

COMM-04-WP-09_rev4 Draft CMM for Exploratory Fishing For Toothfish

COMM04-WP-10 Proposed amendment for CMM 2.05 (Record of Vessels)

COMM04-WP-11_rev2 DRAFT CMM on stateless vessels (previously COMM04-WP-11_rev1)

COMM04-WP-12 VMS Recommendations, Tender and ToR

COMM04-WP-13 Proposed Ammendments for JM CMM

COMM04-WP-14 VMS Tenderer Evaluation Criteria (EU)

COMM04-WP-15 Proposed amendment to CMM 2.03 (BF)

COMM04-WP-16 Proposed amendments to CMM 2.04

COMM04-WP-17 Proposal for observation at landing_rev1

COMM04-WP-18 SC Workplan

COMM04-WP-19 Chairperson proposal to ament Decision 1.02