Jack mackerel school of fish

8th Commission Meeting

Port Vila, Vanuatu
Warwick Le Lagon Hotel
14 February to 18 February 2020
Mr Osvaldo Urrutia


The 8th Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission (COMM8) was held concurrently with the 7th Meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC7), in Port Vila, Vanuatu, from 14 to 18 February 2020.The 7th Meeting of the Compliance and Technical Committee (CTC7) took place immediately before, from 10-12 February 2020. 


COMM8-REPORT (uploaded on 10 March 2020)

List of Annexes:

1.   Meeting Agenda
2.   List of Participants
3.   Programme and Timetable
4.   2020 Final Compliance Report
5.   2020 Final IUU Vessel List
6.   Finance and Administration
      6a.  Staff Regulations
      6b.  Policy on secondments and internships
      6c.  Rules of Procedure
      6d.  Budget 2020-21
      6e.  Member contributions schedule 2020-21
7.   Conservations and Management Measures
      7a.  CMM 01-2020 Jack mackerel
      7b.  CMM 02-2020 Data Standards
      7c.  CMM 03-2020 Bottom Fishing
      7d.  CMM 03a-2020 Deepwater Species
      7e.  CMM 04-2020 IUU Vessel List  
      7f.   CMM 06-2020 VMS
      7g.  CMM 10-2020 CMS
      7h.  CMM 12-2020 Transhipment
      7i.   CMM 13-2020 Exploratory Fisheries
      7j.   CMM 14b-2020 Exploratory Potting CK
      7k.  CMM 14d-2020 Exploratory Toothfish CL
      7l.   CMM 18-2020 Squid
8.   Science
      8a.  SC Multi-annual Work plan
      8b.  Jack mackerel MSE Management Objectives
      8c.  Template for SC VMS requests
9.   Performance Review Recommendations  
10. Memoranda of Understanding
      10a.  SPRFMO - IATTC
      10b.  SPRFMO - WCPFC
11. Statements
      11a. Chairperson of the Commission opening speech
      11b. The Republic of Peru on the Competence of SPRFMO over Jurisdictional Water
      11c. The Republic of Peru Opposing Commission Decision
      11d. The High Seas Fisheries Group on CMM 03 (Bottom Fishing)

COMM8-Doc01_rev1 Provisional COMM8 Agenda
COMM8-Doc02_rev1 Provisional Annotated COMM8 Agenda
COMM8-Doc03_rev3 List of Documents (COMM8)
COMM8-Doc04 Meeting Programme and Timetable (COMM & FAC)
COMM8-Doc05 Report on the Status of the Convention
COMM8-Doc06 Regional processes relevant for SPRFMO
COMM8-Doc07 Progress of cooperation with other RFMOs (MoUs)
COMM8-Doc08 Implementation of COMM Performance Review Recommendations
COMM8-Doc08.1 SC Responses to the Performance Reviews (SPRFMO SC7-Report Annex 10)
COMM8-Doc09 Task Group on Jack mackerel Management Strategy Evaluation

Amendments to existing CMMs

(Provided in clean PDF and tracked word versions)

COMM8-Prop01 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 01 Jack Mackerel (EU)
COMM8-Prop02_rev2 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 01 Jack Mackerel (VU)
COMM8-Prop02.1_rev1 clean Explanatory Note for Prop02 (VU)
COMM8-Prop03 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 01 Jack Mackerel (EC)
COMM8-Prop03.1 clean Explanatory Note for Prop03 - Rationale (EC)
COMM8-Prop03.2 clean 2nd Explanatory Note for Prop03 - Express consent (EC)
COMM8-Prop04 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 01 Jack Mackerel (CL)
COMM8-Prop05 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 01 Jack Mackerel (PE)
COMM8-Prop06_rev1 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 02 Data Standards Rev1 (NZ)
COMM8-Prop07 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 03 Bottom Fishing (EU)
COMM8-Prop08 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 03a Deepwater species (NZ_AU)
COMM8-Prop08.1 clean Explanatory Note for Prop08 (NZ_AU)
COMM8-Prop09 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 04 IUU Vessel List (EU)
COMM8-Prop10 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 05 Record of Vessels (PE)
COMM8-Prop11 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 11 Boarding & Inspection (US)
COMM8-Prop12 clean tracked Proposal to Amend CMM 12 Transhipment (EU)

New CMMs

(Provided in clean word versions)

COMM8-Prop13 clean New CMM for an Exploratory Toothfish Fishery (CL)
COMM8-Prop13.1 clean Explanatory Note for Prop13 (CL)
COMM8-Prop14 clean New CMM on Effort Limitation for Squid (EU)

Other CMMs up for Review

(Provided in clean PDF and tracked word versions)

COMM8-Prop15 clean tracked CMM 06 VMS; paras 17, 23, 27 & 30 (Sec)
COMM8-Prop16 clean tracked CMM 10 CMS; para 20 (Sec)
COMM8-Prop17 clean tracked CMM 12 Transhipment; para 10 (Sec)
COMM8-Prop18 clean tracked CMM 13 Exploratory Fisheries; para 25 (Sec)
COMM8-Prop19 clean tracked CMM 14b Exploratory Potting CK; para 28 (Sec)

Proposals for MoUs

(Provided in clean PDF and tracked word versions where appropriate)

COMM8-Prop20 clean tracked Proposed MoU between SPRFMO and IATTC
COMM8-Prop21 clean tracked Proposed MoU between SPRFMO and WCPFC
COMM8-Prop22_rev1 clean tracked Proposed MoU between SPRFMO and NPFC

Proposals to be discussed at FAC

(Provided in clean PDF and tracked word versions if appropriate)

COMM8-Prop23 clean tracked Staff Regulations of the Commission (Sec)
COMM8-Prop24 clean tracked Policy for Secondments and Internships (Sec)
COMM8-Prop25 clean tracked Rules of Procedure for the Commission (Sec)

(Provided in PDF versions)

COMM8-Inf01 Catch Data Submitted to the Secretariat
COMM8-Inf02 (Withdrawn)
COMM8-Inf03 Commission’s information needs on the bycatch of seabirds and the design of observer coverage (NZ)
COMM8-Obs01 HSFG Information paper for SPRFMO Commission Meeting
COMM8-Obs02 CALAMASUR Statement to the SPRFMO Commission
COMM8-Obs03 DSCC Briefing to the SPRFMO Commission
COMM8-Obs04 OCEANA Information to the SPRFMO Commission

A restricted documents folder for the COMM8 is available in the Members area containing documents with limited access. (Note: only logged-in users can access this area of the website).