Jack mackerel school of fish

COMM6 Meeting Documents

The documents discussed by the 7th Annual Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission are listed below. 

Plenary Documents

COMM6-Doc01 Provisional Agenda

COMM6-Doc01supp Annotated Provisional Agenda

COMM6-Doc02_rev2 List of Documents and related table

COMM6-Doc03_rev1 Draft Annual Report of the Commission

COMM6-Doc04 Workplan for the SC (to be developed during the meeting)

COMM6-Doc05 IUU List (to be developed during the meeting)

COMM6-Doc06 Final Compliance Report (to be developed during the meeting)

COMM6-Doc07_rev1 Scientific Committee's advice on the Cook Islands Exploratory Fishing proposal

COMM6-Doc08 (19 January 2018) New Zealand report on the Status of the Convention



Discussed at the CTC meeting:

  • COMM6-Prop01 EU proposal to amend CMM 06-2017 VMS (tracked-changes)
  • COMM6-Prop02 USA proposal to create a CMM for the SPRFMO Observer Programme
  • COMM6-Prop03_rev1 Cook Islands proposal for a CMM on Exploratory Pot Fishing in the SPRFMO Area
  • COMM6-Prop04_rev1 Vanuatu proposal to amend CMM 01-2017 on Jack Mackerel (tracked-changes)
  • COMM6-Prop05 New Zealand-Australia proposal for a new CMM on Bottom Fishing (WITHDRAWN, refer to COMM6-INF09)
  • COMM6-Prop06 European Union proposal to amend CMM 10-2017 on the establishment of a CMS in the SPRFMO Area (tracked-changes)
  • COMM6-Prop07 USA proposal for a new CMM on High Seas Boarding and Inspection
  • COMM6-Prop08 Korea proposal to amend CMM 12-2017 on Transhipment (WITHDRAWN, refer to COMM6-INF10)
  • COMM6-Prop09 New Zealand proposal for consequential amendments to CMM 13-2016 on Exploratory Fisheries (WITHDRAWN, refer COMM6-INF09)

Discussed at the FAC meeting:

Discussed at the Commission Meeting:


  • SC5-Report Report of the 5th Scientific Committee Meeting
    Advice on the Cook Islands exploratory fishery proposal (refer COMM6-Doc07_rev1)
  • FAC5-Report Report of the 5th Finance and Administration Committee Meeting
  • CTC5-Report Report of the 5th Compliance and Technical Committee Meeting

Information Papers

  • COMM6-INF01 Tentative Meeting Program and Timetable
  • COMM6-INF02 The Secretariat s Administrative Report
  • COMM6-INF03 Catch data submitted to the Secretariat
  • COMM6-INF04 SPRFMO List of Authorised and Active vessels
  • COMM6-INF05_rev1 Background to the proposal for a new Bottom fishing CMM
  • COMM6-INF06 Additional information relating to the proposal to amend the Jack mackerel CMM
  • COMM6-INF07 Background to the proposal for a new Exploratory Fishery
  • COMM6-INF08 The current Implementation reports template (Annex II of CMM 10-2017, CMS)
  • COMM6-INF09 (19 January 2018) New Zealand-Australia proposal for a new CMM on Bottom Fishing
  • COMM6-INF10 (22 January 2018) Korea's proposal top amend CMM 12-2017 on Transhipment

Information Documents submitted by Observers

  • COMM6-OBS01 NZHSFG Comments on the proposed SPRFMO Draft Bottom fishing CMM (Prop-05)
  • COMM6-OBS02 (DSCC Briefing for the 6th SPRFMO Commission meeting
  • COMM6-OBS03 CPPS: Proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding between the CPPS and SPRFMO

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