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4th CTC 2017

Adelaide, Australia
14 January to 16 January 2017
Mr Osvaldo Urrutia

The fourth meeting of the Compliance & Technical Committee was held on 14-16 January 2017 in Adelaide, Australia.

The final report of the CTC meeting is now available.

CTC4-Doc01 Provisional Agenda

CTC4-Doc01supp Annotated Provisional Agenda

CTC4-Doc02 rev2 Meeting documents (updated 9 Jan 2017)

CTC4-Doc03 Report of the VMS Working Group

CTC4-Doc04 Report of the Observer Programme Working Group

CTC4-Doc05 Draft Compliance report (restricted)

CTC4-Doc06 Follow-up actions related to Compliance

CTC4-Doc07 Provisional Compliance Report (to be developed during the meeting)

CTC4-Doc08 Draft IUU List (restricted)

CTC4-Doc09 Provisional IUU List (to be developed during the meeting)

CTC4-Doc10 Suggested CMM edits based on past decisions or recommendations

CTC4-Doc11 rev1 Applications for CNCP status (Liberia, the USA & Panama)

CTC4-Doc12 SPRFMO referencing of New and Amended CMMs

CTC4-Doc13 Implementation of the CMM on minimum standards of Inspection in Port

CTC4 Doc14 Additional information received in accordance with CMM 4.04, paragraph 8 (restricted)

Current CMM proposals are available on the meeting page of the Commission.

CTC4-Inf01 VMS WG Informal consultations January 2017 - Draft proposal organisation of work