Jack mackerel school of fish

5th CTC 2018

Lima, Peru
26 January to 28 January 2018
Mr Tobias Hanson

The fifth meeting of the SPRFMO Compliance and Technical Committee (CTC5) was held in Lima, Peru, on 26-28 January 2018. The venue of the meeting was the JW Marriot Hotel Lima, located at Malecon de la Reserva 615, Miraflores Lima, Lima 18, Peru.

The CTC Report was adopted on 29 January 2018. A list of participants is now available.

CTC5-Doc01 Provisional Agenda

CTC5-Doc01supp Annotated Provisional Agenda

CTC5-Doc02 List of documents and related table

CTC5-Doc03 The Secretariats VMS Implementation report (restricted)

CTC5-Doc04_rev1 Revised Draft Compliance report (restricted)

CTC5-Doc05 Follow-up actions taken related to Compliance

CTC5-Doc06 Provisional Compliance Report (restricted)

CTC5-Doc07 Transhipment outside the SPRFMO Area

CTC5-Doc08 Pair Trawling within the SPRFMO Area

CTC5-Doc09 Port State measures Implementation

CTC5-Doc10 2018 Draft IUU List (restricted )

CTC5-Doc11 Provisional IUU List (restricted )

CTC5-Doc12_rev1 Applications for CNCP status (Cura ao, Liberia & Colombia)

CTC5-Doc12_Supp1 Application for CNCP status (Panama)

CTC5-Doc13 Process for providing access to the SPRFMO VMS (THEMIS)

COMM6-Prop01 EU proposal to amend CMM 06-2017 VMS (tracked-changes)

COMM6-Prop02 USA proposal to create a CMM for the SPRFMO Observer Programme

COMM6-Prop03_rev1 Cook Islands proposal for a CMM on Exploratory Pot Fishing in the SPRFMO Area

COMM6-Prop04_rev1 Vanuatu proposal to amend CMM 01-2017 on Jack Mackerel (tracked-changes)

COMM6-Prop05 New Zealand-Australia proposal for a new CMM on Bottom Fishing (WITHDRAWN, refer to COMM6-INF09)

COMM6-Prop06 European Union proposal to amend CMM 10-2017 on the establishment of a CMS in the SPRFMO Area (tracked-changes)

COMM6-Prop07 USA proposal for a new CMM on High Seas Boarding and Inspection

COMM6-Prop08 Korea proposal to amend CMM 12-2017 on Transhipment (tracked-changes) (WITHDRAWN, refer to COMM6-INF10)

COMM6-Prop09 New Zealand proposal for consequential amendments to CMM 13-2016 on Exploratory Fisheries (WITHDRAWN, refer COMM6-INF09)

CTC5-INF1 Tentative Timetable

COMM6-INF05-rev1 Background to the proposal for a new Bottom fishing CMM

COMM6-INF06 Additional information relating to the proposal to amend the Jack mackerel CMM

COMM6-INF07 Background to the proposal for a new Exploratory Fishery

COMM6-INF08 The current Implementation reports template (Annex II of CMM 10-2017, CMS)

COMM6-INF09 New Zealand-Australia proposal for a new CMM on Bottom Fishing

COMM6-INF10 Korea's proposal to amend CMM 12-2017 on Transhipment

COMM6-OBS01 NZHSFG Comments on the proposed SPRFMO Draft Bottom fishing CMM (Prop-05)

COMM6-OBS02 DSCC Briefing for the 6th SPRFMO Commission meeting