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The eighth Data and Information Working Group meeting was held on 28 - 29 October 2010 in ViƱa del Mar, Chile.

The Report of the eighth Data and Information Working Group meeting is available here (1 MB).

Below is the list of meeting documents. If you need access to any of those documents, please contact the Secretariat on [email protected].


DIWG-08 Documents

DIWG-08-01   Draft Agenda

DIWG-08-02   Draft Document List (Rev)

DIWG-08-03   DIWG 8 and SWG 9 proposed schedule of meetings

DIWG-08-04   Proposed annual aggregated catch Data Standard

DIWG-08-05   Potential use of standard codes for some data types 

DIWG-08-06   Editorial corrections to Data Standards

DIWG-08-07   Review of public domain data rules

DIWG-08-09   Previously recommended transhipment data standard

DIWG-08-10   Previously discussed landings data standard


Information Papers

DIWG-08-INF-01  Data submitted to the Interim Secretariat (Rev 1)   
                               (Page 39 has been replaced - previously it was a duplicate of p38)

DIWG-08-INF-02  Update on the SPRFMO database

DIWG-08-INF-03  Comparison of capture data between the SPRFMO and FAO databases