Jack mackerel school of fish

A Data and Information Working Group meeting met 05-07 March 2008 in Guayaquil, Equador.

Further meeting information is available on the page for the Fifth Round of Consultations on the establishment of the proposed South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation.

Report of the fifth Data and Information Working Group

Below is the list of meeting documents. If you need access to any of those documents, please contact the Secretariat on [email protected].

DIWG-V Documents

SP-05-DIWG-01  Draft Agenda 

SP-05-DIWG-02  Data and Information Working Group Document List

SP-05-DIWG-03  Meeting Timetable

SP-05-DIWG-04   Consolidated Data Standards

SP-05-DIWG-05  DRAFT drop dahn lining data standard transshipment

SP-05-DIWG-06  Chairs Proposal Observer Programm

SP-05-DIWG-07  Proposal by Chile on Transhipment

SP-05-DIWG-08  Chair's Proposal on Observer Programme

SP-05-DIWG-09  Data Specification Standardisation Issues