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A Data and Information Working Group(DIWG) met during the week 3-7 September 2007 in Noumea, New Caledonia.

On Monday 3 September 2007, the group discussed additional data standards and other DIWG matters.

A Joint D&IWG and Science Working Group was held on Tuesday 4 September 2007 in order to discuss draft VMS and Scientific Observer Standards.

Below is the list of meeting documents. If you need access to any of those documents, please contact the Secretariat on [email protected]


DIWG-IV Documents


SP-04-DIWG-01  Draft Agenda 

SP-04-DIWG-02  Draft Annotated Agenda



SP-04-DIWG-05  Proposed standards jigging and potting

SP-04-DIWG-06  Draft Standard VMS

SP-04-DIWG-07  Draft-Standard-Observer-Programme