Jack mackerel school of fish


The Tenth meeting of the Data and Information Working Group was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edificio Carlos Garc a Bedoya, Jr. Lampa 545 in Lima, Peru between 17-18 October 2012.

Report of the Tenth Data and Information Working Group meeting

Below is the list of meeting documents. If you need access to any of those documents, please contact the Secretariat on [email protected].

DIWG-10 Documents

  • DIWG-10-01 Draft Agenda for the Data and Information Working Group
  • DIWG-10-02 Proposed schedule of meetings
  • DIWG-10-03 Draft Document List
  • DIWG-10-04 Investigations into double counting of catch betweeen Ukraine and New Zealand in the Western South Pacific
  • DIWG-10-05 Landing/transhipment standard fields "name of observer" and "port authority"
  • DIWG-10-06 Update on the SPRFMO database

Information Papers

  • DIWG-10-INF-01 Data submitted to the Interim Secretariat
  • DIWG-10-INF-02 Jack mackerel catch and effort fishing activites 2007-2011 (1x1 degree)
  • DIWG-10-INF-03 SPRFMO Area catch activites for major species 2007-2009 (5x5 degree)