Jack mackerel school of fish

A Science Working Group meeting was held bwteen 2-6 November 2009 in New Zealand.

Meetings of the Jack Mackerel and Deepwater sub-groups will held held in conjunction with the Science Working Group.  This will be the first meeting of the SWG at which National Reports are to be presented.

Click here for the Guidelines for Annual National Reports.

 Report of Science Working Group
(including reports of the Jack Mackerel and Deepwater sub-groups)

SWG-08 Documents

SP-08-SWG-01        Draft Agendas for the Science Working Group and Sub-Groups (Rev 1)

SP-08-SWG-02        Draft Document List (Rev 5)

SP-08-SWG-03        Proposed Schedule of Meetings

SP-08-SWG-04        Cost of ArcGIS (Rev 1)

SP-08-SWG-05        National Report of the European Community to the SPRFMO Science Working Group on the fisheries in the Pacific in 2008.

SP-08-SWG-06        National Report of Chile to the SPRFMO Science Working Group

SP-08-SWG-07        Belize National Report

SP-08-SWG-08        New Zealand National Report on Fishing and Research Activities in the SPRFMO Area during 2008

SP-08-SWG-09        Update of data submitted to the Interim Secretariat as at 29 October 2009 (Rev 1)

SP-08-SWG-10        National report of Korea to the SPRFMO Science Working Group (Rev 1)

SP-08-SWG-11        Peru annual National Report to the SPRFMO Scientific Working Group 2009

SP-08-SWG-12        Australian National Report to the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation(SPRFMO) Science Working Group, 2009

SP-08-SWG-13        National Report of China to the SPRFMO Science Working Group (Rev 1)

SP-08-SWG-14        National Report of Chinese Taipei to the SPRFMO Scientific Working Group

SP-08-SWG-15        Vanuatu Annual National Report to the SPRFMO Science Working Group


SWG-08-JM Documents

SP-08-SWG-JM-01    The fishery for jack mackerel in the Eastern Central Pacific by European trawlers in 2008 and 2009

SP-08-SWG-JM-02     Reproductive parameters and spawning biomass of Chilean Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi, Nichols, 1920), in 1998-2008, determined by the Daily Egg Production Method(Rev 1).  
The paper was amended in the meeting by the addition of Annex 1.

SP-08-SWG-JM-03     Accoustic biomass of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi)

SP-08-SWG-JM-04     Main biological indicators of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi)

SP-08-SWG-JM-05     Fishing indicators of Jack Mackerel in Chile, 1975-2008

SP-08-SWG-JM-06     Environmental variability of the Chilean Jack Mackerel habitat in the southeastern Pacific Ocean

SP-08-SWG-JM-07     Composite distribution of jack mackerel catches and surveyed acoustic biomass off the Chilean coast from 24º S to 52º S (Rev 1)

SP-08-SWG-JM-08     Updated status of the Chilean Jack Mackerel stock

SP-08-SWG-JM-09     Diagnosis of the Chilean Jack Mackerel

SP-08-SWG-JM-10     Interpretation of biological - fishing indicators of jack mackerel exploited off central southern Chile 

SP-08-SWG-JM-11     SPRFMO Protocol for acoustic data collection and analysis

SP-08-SWG-JM-12     Revised Chilean jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) species profile

SP-08-SWG-JM-13     Methodological proposal for direct stock assessment of marine resources in the SPRFMO area


SWG-08-DW Documents

SP-08-SWG-DW-01    Revised Draft SPRFMO Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard

SP-08-SWG-DW-02    EC preliminary assessment of the risk of causing serious damage to VMEs and protocol of actions

SP-08-SWG-DW-03    Classification guide for potentially vulnerable invertabrate taxa in the SPRFMO Area

SP-08-SWG-DW-04    Chilean proposal: Requirements for the development of new fisheries

SP-08-SWG-DW-05    Chilean remarks on the "SPRFMO Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard" (BFIAS) draft October 2009 


SWG-08-INF Documents

SP-08-SWG-INF-01    Background information on approaches to assessment, monitoring and management of developing or exploratory deepwater fisheries in other high-seas regions

SP-08-SWG-INF-02    Differences Between Mackerel (Trachurus species) Data Submitted to SPRFMO versus the FAO

SP-08-SWG-INF-03    CCAMLR 2009 - Report on workshop on vulnerable msrine ecosystems

SP-08-SWG-INF-04    Overview of the Process Adopted by the CCSBT for the Provision of Management Advice based on an Annual Review of Fishery Indicators

SP-08-SWG-INF-05    Extract from the CCSBT 12  SC 10 Presentation - Fishery Indicators

SP-08-SWG-INF-06    Kolody et al 2005 - CCSBT Fishery Indicators for the CCSBT Stock 2004-05

SP-08-SWG-INF-07    Proposed Process for the 2009 Review of Jack Mackerel Fishery Indicators by the SPRFMO Science Working Group - Jack Mackerel Sub-Group

SP-08-SWG-INF-08    TRAFFIC letter to SPRFMO SWG 

SP-08-SWG-INF-09     DSCC comments on SPRFMO standard