Jack mackerel school of fish

The Ninth Science Working Group meeting was held between 21 - 29 October 2010 in Vi a del Mar, Chile.

An extended meeting of the Jack Mackerel sub-group to carry out the stock assessment of Chilean jack mackerel was conducted from 21 - 26 October.

A meeting of the Deepwater sub-group was also held in conjunction with the Science Working Group meeting.

The 9th Science Working Group Meeting Report, including the sub-group meeting reports is available here (3.3 MB).

SWG-09 Documents

SWG-09-01 Draft Agendas for the Science Working Group and Sub-Groups (revision 1)

SWG-09-02 Document List

SWG-09-03 Proposed schedule of meetings

SWG-09-04 National Report of the European Union to the 2010 meeting of the Science Working Group

revised Revised version of EU National Report including new 2010 data

SWG-09-05 New Zealand 2010 National Report

SWG-09-06 National Report of Korea

SWG-09-07 New Zealand SPRFMO Observer Implementation Report 2009

SWG-09-08 Australia National Report 2009

SWG-09-09 Chile Annual National Report to the SPRFMO SWG

SWG-09-10 National Report of the Russian Federation

SWG-09-11 National Report of China

SWG-09-12 National Report of Peru

SWG-09-13 National Report of Vanuatu

SWG-09-JM Documents

SWG-09-JM-01 Report from the assessment simulation task team, 6-9 April 2010

SWG-09-JM-02A Report from the assessment simulation task team, 16-20 August 2010

SWG-09-JM-02B Report from the assessment simulation task team on using the joint jack mackerel assessment model

SWG-09-JM-03 Report on the Chilean Jack mackerel activities during the FAST Working Group

SWG-09-JM-04 Population structure of Chilean Jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi)

SWG-09-JM-05 The importance of acoustic data from fishing vessels (Rev1)

SWG-09-JM-06 Preliminary report from cruise on board of the F/V Alina

SWG-09-DW Documents

SWG-09-DW-01 Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard: Chilean proposal on new/exploratory fisheries section

SWG-09-DW-02 Sustainable catch limits for orange roughy in the SPRFMO area

SWG-09-DW-03 Use of geospatial data to predict the likelihood of VMEs

SWG-09-INF Documents

SWG-09-INF-01 Clark et al. 2010 Sustainable catch levels for high-seas orange roughy

SWG-09-INF-02 Clark et al. 2001 Estimates of catch levels for new orange roughy fisheries

SWG-09-INF-03 Draganik et al. 1994, Reconnaissance and exploitation of Chilean jack mackerel by the Polish fleet in 1978-1984

SWG-09-INF-04 Russian Federation CPUE 1987-97

SWG-09-INF-05 Russian Federation Evaluation of Biomass

SWG-09-INF-06 Russian Federation jack mackerel South Pacific catches by region

SWG-09-INF-07 Russian population genetics study of jack mackerel in the South Pacific

SWG-09-INF-08 Russian Federation jack mackerel catch by age and number 1979-91