Jack mackerel school of fish


Stock assessment files

The folder linked above contains the main work product from the ASTT Workshop in Seattle.  This zip file includes a number of R scripts for looking at output.  The file "go.r" is the one that should be opened in an editor to provide some example application of the scripts (I use this as a "scratch" pad). 

The file jjm.tpl" ("jjm" was to represent the "Joint Jack mackerel Model" an evolved version of the SCA model discussed the first week of the Seattle ASTT Workshop.
A .tpl file is the code for the model (written in ASCII) and can be edited with any editor (e.g. Word)
It is recognized by ADMB (http://admb-project.org/ <http://admb-project.org/> ) now freely available for compiling into executable code.
The software can be found at: http://admb-project.org/downloads/ <http://admb-project.org/downloads/> . Dr. Ianelli recommends using the ADMB-IDE found on that page (it comes with complete package of color-coding editor (with pull down menus for compiling etc, specially tailored for ADMB), compiler, and libraries).  
Dr. Ianelli has kindly  offered to help out participants who need help with changing data files or configurations, provided their goals and questions are clearly stated.