Jack mackerel school of fish


A Science Working Group meeting was held during 12 - 15 May 2009 in Lima, Peru.
Meetings of the Jack Mackerel and Deepwater sub-groups were held in conjunction with the Science Working Group.

Report of the Science Working Group 
(including reports of the Jack Mackerel and Deepwater sub-groups)


SWG-07 Documents

SP-07-SWG-01 Draft Agendas for the Science Working Group and Sub-Groups

SP-07-SWG-02 Science Working Group and sub-Groups Draft Document List (Rev 4)

SP-07-SWG-03 DIWG 7 and SWG 7 Proposed Schedule of Meetings


SWG-07-JM Documents

SP-07-SWG-JM-01  Report of the Jack Mackerel Assessment Methods Workshop

SP-07-SWG-JM-02  Revised jack mackerel species profile


SWG-07-DW Documents

SP-07-SWG-DW-01 NZ bottom fishing impact assessment (Rev)

SP-07-SWG-DW-02 Collated comments on the NZ bottom fishery impact assessment

SP-07-SWG-DW-03 Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard

SP-07-SWG-DW-04  Chilean comments to NZ BFIA


SWG-07-INF Documents

SP-07-SWG-INF-01  NZ implementation of protection measures for VMEs

SP-07-SWG-INF-02  DSCC comments on NZ bottom fishing impact assessment

SP-07-SWG-INF-03  Ecological Risk Assessment for Effects of Fishing

SP-07-SWG-INF-04  Detection criteria for managing trawl impacts to Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in high seas fisheries of the South Pacific Ocean

SP-07-SWG-INF-05 DSCC Comments on SPRFMO Draft Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard

SP-07-SWG-INF-06  Acoustic data proposal for consideration of the Science Working Group (SWG) of SPRFMO

SP-07-SWG-INF-07   Beryx splendens species profile - Chilean revision

SP-07-SWG-INF-08  Epigonus telescopus species profile - Chilean revision

SP-07-SWG-INF-09  Hoplostethus atlanticus species profile - Chilean revision

SP-07-SWG-INF-10  Canales-Aguirre et. al,  Micro satellite loci for the jack mackerel