Jack mackerel school of fish

A Science Working Group meeting was held during the week of 29 September - 3 October 2008 at the Rydges Lakeside, Canberra, ACT, Australia.   Meetings of the Jack Mackerel  and the Deepwater Sub-Groups were held in conjunction with the Science Working Group. 

 Report of the Science Working Group (including Reports of the Jack Mackerel and Deepwater Sub-Groups).



SPRFMO-VI-SWG-01 (Rev 1) Draft agendas for the Science Working Group and SWG Sub-Groups

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-02 (Rev 2) Draft Document list

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-03 Indicative timetable the D&I and Science Working Groups



SPRFMO-VI-SWG-JMSG-01 Draft Agenda

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-JMSG-02 Report of the Chilean Jack Mackerel Workshop

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-JMSG-03 Revised jack mackerel species profile

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-JMSG-04 Chilean jack mackerel management system: Synthesis and recommendation

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-JMSG-05 Terms of reference: Workshop on the stock assessment framework

Information Papers

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-JMSG-INF01 Jack mackerel high seas catches 2007.



SPRFMO-VI-SWG-04 Implementation of interim measures on bottom (deep sea) fishing by Chile

SPRFMO-VI-SWG-05 Interim deep-sea fisheries impact assessment framework (Chile)

SPRFMO-VI-SWG- INF01 FAO Deepwater Guidelines Final