Jack mackerel school of fish

A meeting of the Scientific Working Group and its subgroups was held in Port Vila, Vanuatu between 19 - 23 September 2011.

The 10th Science Working Group Report including Annexes SWG-01 (Agendas) and SWG-02 list of Participants is available here.

The Report of the Jack Mackerel subgroup, Annex SWG-10-03, is available here.

The Report of the Deepwater subgroup, Annex SWG-10-04, is available here.

SWG-10 Documents

SWG-10-JM Documents

  • SWG-10-JM-01 Report of the Jack Mackerel Age Determination Workshop
  • SWG-10-JM-02 Acoustic data from fishing vessels
  • SWG-10-JM-03 Bio-acoustics: Minutes of ICES-FAST meeting held in Rejkavik, Iceland on 12 May 2011
  • SWG-10-JM-04 Report of 2011 SNP Workshops on Acoustic and Geoestatistical Assessment of abundance, distribution changes and size structure of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi)
  • SWG-10-JM-05 Russian Federation genetic study of jack mackerel in the South Pacific
  • SWG-10-JM-06 Standardisation of CPUE for Chilean Jack Mackerel from the Chinese Trawl Fleet on the High Seas in the Southeast Pacific Ocean (2001-2010)
  • SWG-10-JM-07 Effect of reducing mortality on immature jack mackerel
  • SWG-10-JM-08 Estimating F-Msy assuming a variety of stock-recruitment relationships

SWG-10-DW Documents

  • SWG-10-DW-01a Australian Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment
  • SWG-10-DW-01b Australian management arrangements to prevent significant adverse impacts
  • SWG-10-DW-02 Mapping of High Seas Bottom Fishing Effort Data (Rev1)
  • SWG-10-DW-03 Revised Draft Bottom Fishery Impact Assesment Standard

SWG-10-INF Documents

  • SWG-10-INF-01 Zip file containing data and assesment model from 9th meeting (2.6 MB)
  • SWG-10-INF-02 New Zealand historical jack mackerel catches (Rev1)
  • SWG-10-INF-03 DSCC Comments on Australian Bottom Fishing Impact
  • SWG-10-INF-04 UNGA Scientific Workshop Report on deepsea fisheries and implementation of Resolutions
  • SWG-10-INF-08 DSCC comments on the Revised Draft Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard
  • SWG-10-INF-09 DSCC suggested revision of Draft Bottom Fishing Impact Assessment Standard
  • SWG-10-INF-10 SPRFMO joint bottom fishing footprint