10th SPRFMO SC Meeting (SC10)

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Intercontinental Seoul Coex
26 September to 30 September 2022
Dr Jim Ianelli

The tenth meeting of the SPRFMO Scientific Committee (SC10) is the first SPRFMO meeting to be held in a hybrid mode. The SC Chairperson, Dr Jim Ianelli (USA), led the meeting with the support of the SC Vice-Chairperson, Dr Niels Hintzen (EU). 

SC10 was hosted by the Republic of Korea, in Seoul, from 26 to 30 September 2022, at the Intercontinental Seoul Coex hotel. A remote connection was available via Microsoft Teams to those who were unable to attend in person. 

Applications for financial support for representatives of Developing States to attend the meeting are now closed. The deadline for submission of funding applications in accordance with the Financial Regulations was 13 July (ref: R05-2022).   

Please see the Protocol for submissions to the SPRFMO SC, as well as the Guidelines for Annual Reports to the SPRFMO SC. The deadline to submit Annual Reports and SC-related meeting papers was 27 August 2022

The SC10-Report Annex 10 Jack Mackerel Technical Advice is now available for download. A group photo is available; to access the photo gallery of the SC10, use this link to Flickr.

Meeting documents discussed by the SC10 were the following: 


SC10-Doc01_rev1   SC10 Agenda
SC10-Doc02             Provisional SC10 Annotated Agenda
SC10-Doc03_rev7   SC10 List of Documents 
SC10-Doc04_rev1   SC10 Indicative Meeting Schedule
SC10-Doc05             2023 Multi Annual Work Plan
SC10-Doc06_rev1    2022 Intersessional SC web meetings
SC10-Doc07            Secretariat's Science-related activities
SC10-Doc08            Status of the SC (scientific support) Fund 
SC10-Doc09            Call for interest to organise forthcoming SC meetings
SC10-Doc10             A summary of current SPRFMO bycatch records (including species of concern)
SC10-Doc11            Proposed Guidelines for SC Working and Task Groups
SC10-Doc12_rev1  Scope and application of the Exploratory Fisheries CMM
SC10-Doc13            Patterns in species composition associated with targeting JM, redbait and/or alfonsino
SC10-Doc14            Russian Federation Annual Report 
SC10-Doc15            United States of America Annual Report 
SC10-Doc16            Vanuatu Annual Report 
SC10-Doc17            New Zealand Annual Report 
SC10-Doc18            Panama Annual Report 
SC10-Doc19            Korea Annual Report 
SC10-Doc20            European Union Annual Report 
SC10-Doc21            China Annual Report - Squid
SC10-Doc22            China Observer Implementation Report
SC10-Doc23            Chile Annual Report - Jack Mackerel
SC10-Doc24            Chile Annual Report - Squid
SC10-Doc25            Chinese Taipei Annual Report 
SC10-Doc26            Peru Annual Report - SPRFMO Area
SC10-Doc27            Peru Annual Report - ANJ
SC10-Doc28            Australia Annual Report
SC10-Doc29            Electronic Monitoring Systems in Chile (CL)
SC10-Doc30            Importance of the Salas y Gómez and Nazca ridges (CL)
SC10-Doc31            Ecuador Annual Report - Jack Mackerel
SC10-Doc32            Ecuador Annual Report - Squid
SC10-Doc33            Cook Islands Annual Report
SC10-Doc34            Faroe Islands Annual Report


SC10-JM01_rev1    CJM Catch history and predicted 2022 catches (Annex 1_rev1) (SEC)
SC10-JM02             CPUE standardization for the offshore fleet (EU)
SC10-JM03             Comparison of EU self-sampling and observer data (EU)
SC10-JM04             Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association self-sampling report (EU)
SC10-JM05             CPUE abundance index in south-central Chile - Update and proposed correction (CL)
SC10-JM06             Upgrade of CJM considering the effect of age-specific sample size (CL)
SC10-JM07             Modelling the growth of CJM considering the effect of age-specific sample size (CL)
SC10-JM08             Population genetics of Chilean jack mackerel in the South Pacific Ocean (CL)
SC10-JM09             Space-time dynamics of the JM fishery off south central Chile 2012-22 (CL)


SC10-DW01_rev1    Orange roughy stock assessment for Louisville Ridge, West Norfolk Ridge, Lord Howe Rise, and Northwest Challenger Plateau (NZ) 
SC10-DW02             Interactions with marine mammals, seabirds, reptiles, and other species of concern (NZ)
SC10-DW03             Development of a process to review all recent and historical benthic bycatch data (NZ)
SC10-DW04             Further analysis of VME indicator taxa catchability and the design of a related research programme (NZ)
SC10-DW05             Further development of VME indicator taxa distribution models (NZ)
SC10-DW06             Development of VME taxa identification guides for benthic bycatch (NZ)
SC10-DW07             Progress report on NZs Exploratory fishery for toothfish (NZ)
SC10-DW08             Exploratory toothfish survey report (EU)
SC10-DW09             Exploratory Toothfish Fishery (CL)


SC10-SQ01_rev2    Update of Squid Datasets held by the Secretariat 
SC10-SQ02             Simulation study on observer coverage rate in the squid jigging fishery_update (CN)
SC10-SQ03             CPUE Estimation Based on different Effort Units for the Squid Jigging Fisheries (CN)
SC10-SQ04             Stock assessment of the jumbo flying squid based on a Bayesian state-space production model (CN)
SC10-SQ05             Population genetics of Dosidicus gigas along South Pacific Ocean (CL)
SC10-SQ06             Alternative Observer Programme for Peruvian Artisanal Vessels (PE)
SC10-SQ07             Proposed changes Jumbo flying squid species profile
SC10-SQ08             Proposed changes to jumbo flying squid species profile (PE)
SC10-SQ09_rev1   Results of genetic population studies of jumbo flying squid collected in Peruvian jurisdictional waters (PE)
SC10-SQ10             SPiCT assessment for D gigas in FAO area 87 (CL)
SC10-SQ11             Importance of onboard scientific observers in the Jumbo flying squid fishery (EC)
SC10-SQ12             Population Genetic Analysis of Jumbo Flying Squid (KOR)
SC10-SQ13_rev3   Proposed changes to the jumbo flying squid species profile


SC10-HM01           Abundance of jack mackerel and chub mackerel off Peru 2020-22 (PE)
SC10-HM02           Jack mackerel and Chub mackerel habitat off Peru 2020-22 (PE)
SC10-HM03           List of classified vessels according to their capabilities of collecting acoustic data (PE)
SC10-HM04           Spatial distribution and biomass estimate of CJM off South-central Chile (CL)


SC10-Obs01          Comment on aspects of Scientific Committee workplan (HSFG)
SC10-Obs02          CPPS Proposed joint Workplan under the SPRFMO-CPPS MoU (CPPS)
SC10-Obs03          Regional stock assessment of the squid in the South-Eastern Pacific (CALAMASUR)
SC10-Obs04          The Deep-sea Fisheries under the Ecosystem Approach Project – an update (FAO)


SC10-Inf01             South EPO Swordfish Benchmark Assessment in 2019 (IATTC)


SC10-WP01           Review of Growth Parameters and Length metrics in JJM assessment of Peruvian stock
SC10-WP02           HSFG science statement