SPRFMO SC02 group photo cropped

Honolulu, USA
Jefferson Hall, East-West Center
1 October to 7 October 2014
Dr Jim Ianelli


The Second Scientific Committee Meeting was held in Honolulu, USA from 1 to 7 October 2014.

The 2nd Report of the Scientific Committee is available here.
Annex 4 of the 2nd Report - Jack mackerel assessment is here.(2.3 MB).
A group photo of the attendees is available here (4.7 MB).

The following papers were discussed and available during the meeting.

SC-02 Documents

SC-02-01_rev2 Agenda

SC-02-02 Proposed schedule for the 2nd Scientific Committee

SC-02-03 USA Annual Report

SC-02-04 EU Annual Report

SC-02-05 Chinese Taipei Annual Report (1 MB)

SC-02-06 NZ Annual Report

SC-02-07 NZ Observer Implementation Report (1 MB)

SC-02-08 Australia Annual Report (2.1 MB)

SC-02-09 China Annual Report (1 MB)

SC-02-10 An assessment of the potential for near-seabed midwater trawling to contact the seabed and to impact VMEs (1MB)

SC-02-11 Proposed revisions of data standards (1.7 MB)

SC-02-12 Seabird risk and trawler discharge (1.5 MB)

SC-02-13 Seabird cryptic mortality and risk from fisheries

SC-02-14 Observer coverage to monitor seabird captures in demersal longline & trawl fisheries

SC-02-15 Chile Annual Report (1.7 MB)

SC-02-16_rev1 Peru Annual Report No.1 (SPRFMO Area)

SC-02-17 Peru Annual Report No.2 (Areas under National Jurisdiction - 1.6 MB)

SC-02-18_rev1 Korea Annual report

SC-02-19_rev1 Overview of the fisheries and seabird bycatch in Chile

SC-02-20 Proposal for Observation of Landings

SC-02-21 Introduction to the FAO VME database project

SC-02-22 Vanuatu Annual Report

SC-02-23 Summary of current SPRFMO bycatch records

SC-02-24 Colombia Annual Report

SC-02-25 Ecuador Annual report


SC-02-JM Documents

SC-02-JM-01 Fishing vessels as Scientific Platforms (3.6 MB)

SC-02-JM-02_rev1 Fisheries Research abstracts - Science and Fishing Vessels

SC-02-JM-03 Possible recruitment of Jack mackerel from Chile to Peru in 2010 (1 MB)

SC-02-JM-04 Management plan evaluations for Jack mackerel - Evaluating the adopted rebuilding plan (1.6 MB)

SC-02-JM-05 Modelling habitat suitability index for Chilean Jack mackerel (1.8 MB)

SC-02-JM-06 Hydrography/biogeochemistry and Jack mackerel stock structure interactions (1.3 MB)

SC-02-JM-07 Application of SEAPODYM to South Pacific Jack mackerel (2.2 MB)

SC-02-JM-08 Evaluating the consequences of different assumptions on population and management structure on the sustainable exploitation of Chilean Jack mackerel

SC-02-JM-09 Harvest control rule for Jack mackerel rebuilding - A preliminary evaluation

SC-02-JM-10 Biological reference points for Chilean fisheries - the case of Jack mackerel

SC-02-JM-11_rev1 CPUE of Jack mackerel in the center-south area off Chile 1983- 2014

SC-02-JM-12 Report of the 5th Workshop on Diagnosis of the Status of the Jack mackerel Fishery in Peru (2.9 MB)


SC-02-DW Documents

SC-02-DW-01 Review of the biodiversity component of the New Zealand VME evidence process (1.3 MB)

SC-02-DW-02 SPRFMO Bottom Fishing Conservation and Management Overview

SC-02-DW-03 The estimation of initial biomass and catch limits for Orange roughy


SC-02-INF Documents

SC-02-INF-01_rev2 Document List

SC-02-INF-02 2014 July Web meeting discussion document (1 MB)

SC-02-INF-03 2014 July Web meeting notes

SC-02-INF-04 Management by seafloor feature of Deepwater Fisheries in the South Pacific

SC-02-INF-05 A reflection on the SPRFMO Bottom Fishing Conservation and Management Overview paper

SC-02-INF-06 ACAP Hook removal from Seabirds (1.2 MB)

SC-02-INF-07 Stock assessment of Jack mackerel: A non-homogenous stock and changes in catchability (1.1 MB)

SC-02-INF-08 ABNJ Deep-seas project update for SPRFMO

SC-02-INF-09 Deep-sea High Seas News (Summer 2014)


SC-02-Late papers

All late papers were accepted.

Other Useful Documents

COMM-02 Roadmap for the Scientific Committee

CMM 2.01 Conservation and Management Measure for Trachurus murphyi

CMM 2.02 Standards for the Collection, Reporting, Verification and Exchange of Data

CMM 2.03 Management of Bottom fishing in the SPRFMO Convention Area

CMM 2.04 Minimising bycatch of seabirds in the SPRFMO Convention Area

Guidelines for Annual National Reports

Current Scientific Committee Research Program