Jack mackerel school of fish

working papers for the 2nd Scientific Committee Meeting.

The following papers were discussed during the meeting.

SC-02-WP Documents

SC-02-WP-01 List of Attendees (final list in report)

SC-02-WP-02 SC-02 preliminary Agenda items and related papers

SC-02-WP-03 Chilean Jack mackerel fishery input data for stock assessment

SC-02-WP-04_rev1 Input historic catch data for CJM stock assessment

SC-02-WP-05_rev1 Scaling for 2014 CJM catch figures

SC-02-WP-06 Presentation - European Union report

SC-02-WP-07 Presentation - Ecuador report

SC-02-WP-08 Presentation - Recruitment of Jack mackerel

SC-02-WP-09 Presentation - SNP

SC-02-WP-10 Presentation - Fishing vessels as Scientific Platforms

SC-02-WP-11 Presentation - Fishing vessel Acoustics in Chile

SC-02-WP-12 Presentation - Oceana Jack mackerel assessment

SC-02-WP-13 Presentation - Age determination an validation on Jack mackerel in Chile

SC-02-WP-14 Presentation - Management of Deepwater Fisheries using Open & Closed Areas

SC-02-WP-15 Presentation - Acoustic multifrequency surveys

SC-02-WP-16 Draft SC Report (final report on main meeting page)