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6th SPRFMO Scientific Committee meeting

Puerto Varas, Chile
Enjoy Hotel
9 September to 14 September 2018
Dr Jim Ianelli


The Sixth Scientific Committee meeting took place in Puerto Varas, Chile, from 9 to 14 September 2018, with the Enjoy Hotel as the venue. The Chairperson of the SC is Mr. James Ianelli (USA).

Some useful links and documents:

The following papers were discussed and available during the meeting. All late papers were accepted. 


SC6-Doc01 Provisional Agenda
SC6-Doc02 Indicative Meeting Schedule
SC6-Doc03 Document list
SC6-Doc04 Agenda Items and related Papers
SC6-Doc05 July 2018 web meeting summary
SC6-Doc06 Secretariat's SC-related activities
SC6-Doc07 Report of the Habitat Monitoring Task Group
SC6-Doc08 Observer Programme CMM
SC6-Doc09 Updated Species of Concern Bycatch
SC6-Doc10 Status of the SC Funds
SC6-Doc11 Update on the protocol for submission of SC papers
SC6-Doc12 SPRFMO VMS summary
SC6-Doc13 Australia's Annual Report
SC6-Doc14 New Zealand's Annual Report
SC6-Doc15 Russian Federation's Annual Report
SC6-Doc16 USA's Annual Report
SC6-Doc17 EU's Annual Report
SC6-Doc18 EU Observer Implementation Report
SC6-Doc19 Peru's Annual Report I (SPRFMO Area)
SC6-Doc20 Peru's Annual Report II (ANJ)
SC6-Doc21 Chinese Taipei's Annual Report
SC6-Doc22 Vanuatu's Annual Report
SC6-Doc23_rev1 China's Annual Report I (Jack mackerel)
SC6-Doc24_rev1 China's Annual Report II (Jumbo squid)
SC6-Doc25 Chile's Annual Report I (Jack mackerel)
SC6-Doc26 Chile's Annual Report II (Jumbo squid)
SC6-Doc27 Korea's Annual Report
SC6-Doc29 ACAP seabird bycatch indicators, data needs, methodological approaches and reporting req's
SC6-Doc30 Cost-quality trade-offs in observer coverage for capture estimates in SPRFMO fisheries
SC6-Doc31 Estimates of potential seabird captures in SPRFMO Jig fisheries
SC6-Doc32 Proposals for a new CMM to provide for scientific sampling or fishing
SC6-Doc33 SPRFMO and the ABNJ project
SC6-Doc34 Renewal of Arrangement between SPRFMO and CCAMLR
SC6-Doc35 Template for Exploratory fishing assessments


SC6-JM01 CJM Catch History and predicted 2018 catches (Annex 1_rev2)
SC6-JM02 Spatio-temporal dynamics of the Jack mackerel fishery in Central-southern Chile
SC6-JM03 PFA self-sampling report for SPRFMO, 2015-2018
SC6-JM04 Comparison of PFA self-sampling with EU Observer data
SC6-JM05 Standardized Jack mackerel CPUE for the offshore fleet


SC6-DW01_rev2 Cook Islands Fisheries Operational Plan for an Exploratory Potting Fishery
SC6-DW02_rev1 European Union's Proposal for an Exploratory Toothfish fishery
SC6-DW03_rev2 New Zealand's Proposal for an extension to its Exploratory Toothfish fishery
SC6-DW04 Data management for Exploratory fisheries (Annex 2)
SC6-DW05 Design of acoustic surveys and sampling for Orange roughy stock assessments
SC6-DW06 Interim categorisation of SPRFMO species into tiered assessment framework
SC6-DW07 Update on progress on PSA and SAFE ecological risk assessment for secondary teleosts
SC6-DW08 Quantitative risk assessment for Deepwater sharks caught in SPRFMO bottom Fisheries
SC6-DW09 Methods of deriving thresholds for VME encounter protocols for SPRFMO bottom fisheries
SC6-DW10 Cumulative bottom impact statistics for SPRFMO bottom fishing methods
SC6-DW11 Methods of designing spatial management areas using outputs from Zonation
SC6-DW12 Summary of scientific underpinnings of proposals for a revised bottom fishing CMM
SC6-DW13 Review of the SPRFMO Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard (BFIAS)
SC6-DW14 Benthic Sampling and bycatch data, Including VME taxa, in SPRFMO bottom Fisheries


SC6-SQ01 Squid Datasets held by the Secretariat
SC6-SQ02 Biological-fishing aspects of jumbo flying squid in Chilean waters
SC6-SQ03 Biological, population structure and fishery of Jumbo flying squid in Peru
SC6-SQ04 Diet and feeding of Jumbo flying squid in the southern Humboldt upwelling system
SC6-SQ05 Depletion models with successive pulses for Humboldt squid in Central Chile
SC6-SQ06 A size-structured model for Jumbo flying squid in South-east Pacific
SC6-SQ07 A stock assessment method for Jumbo flying squid in Peruvian waters
SC6-SQ08 Comparison of different squid simulations
SC6-SQ09 SquidSIM
SC6-SQ10 Genetic assessment of diversity and population structure of Jumbo flying squid
SC6-SQ11 Gene sequencing for Jumbo flying squid in the South East Pacific


SC6-Obs01 NZHSG Comments on encounter protocols


SC6-INF01 Scientific publications dealing with the Jumbo flying squid (Bol Inst Mar Per 33/2)
SC6-INF02 The 2014 Orange roughy stock assessments (New Zealand FAR 2014/50)
SC6-INF03 ACAP Global review of nature and extent of trawl net captures