Jack mackerel school of fish


The Sixth Scientific Committee meeting took place in Puerto Varas, Chile, from 9 to 14 September 2018, with the Enjoy Hotel as the venue. The Chairperson of the SC is Mr. James Ianelli (USA).

The Report of the SC6 is now available and can be downloaded with its Annexes in PDF format.


(Note: Most meeting documents are available in zip format here; this does not include "Late" or "rev" papers)

SC6 Documents for the SC plenary

SC6-Doc01 Provisional Agenda
SC6-Doc02 Indicative Meeting Schedule
SC6-Doc03 Document list
SC6-Doc04 Agenda Items and related Papers
SC6-Doc05 July 2018 web meeting summary
SC6-Doc06 Secretariat's SC-related activities
SC6-Doc07 Report of the Habitat Monitoring Task Group
SC6-Doc08 Observer Programme CMM
SC6-Doc09 Updated Species of Concern Bycatch
SC6-Doc10 Status of the SC Funds
SC6-Doc11 Update on the protocol for submission of SC papers
SC6-Doc12 SPRFMO VMS summary
SC6-Doc13 Australia's Annual Report
SC6-Doc14 New Zealand's Annual Report
SC6-Doc15 Russian Federation's Annual Report
SC6-Doc16 USA's Annual Report
SC6-Doc17 EU's Annual Report
SC6-Doc18 EU Observer Implementation Report
SC6-Doc19 Peru's Annual Report I (SPRFMO Area)
SC6-Doc20 Peru's Annual Report II (ANJ)
SC6-Doc21 Chinese Taipei's Annual Report
SC6-Doc22 Vanuatu's Annual Report
SC6-Doc23_rev1 China's Annual Report I (Jack mackerel)
SC6-Doc24_rev1 China's Annual Report II (Jumbo squid)
SC6-Doc25 Chile's Annual Report I (Jack mackerel)
SC6-Doc26 Chile's Annual Report II (Jumbo squid)
SC6-Doc27 Korea's Annual Report
SC6-Doc29 ACAP seabird bycatch indicators, data needs, methodological approaches and reporting req's
SC6-Doc30 Cost-quality trade-offs in observer coverage for capture estimates in SPRFMO fisheries
SC6-Doc31 Estimates of potential seabird captures in SPRFMO Jig fisheries
SC6-Doc32 Proposals for a new CMM to provide for scientific sampling or fishing
SC6-Doc33 SPRFMO and the ABNJ project
SC6-Doc34 Renewal of Arrangement between SPRFMO and CCAMLR
SC6-Doc35 Template for Exploratory fishing assessments

SC6-JM Jack mackerel working group papers

SC6-JM01 CJM Catch History and predicted 2018 catches (Annex 1_rev2)
SC6-JM02 Spatio-temporal dynamics of the Jack mackerel fishery in Central-southern Chile
SC6-JM03 PFA self-sampling report for SPRFMO, 2015-2018
SC6-JM04 Comparison of PFA self-sampling with EU Observer data
SC6-JM05 Standardized Jack mackerel CPUE for the offshore fleet

SC6-DW Deepwater working group papers

SC6-DW01_rev2 Cook Islands Fisheries Operational Plan for an Exploratory Potting Fishery
SC6-DW02_rev1 European Union's Proposal for an Exploratory Toothfish fishery
SC6-DW03_rev2 New Zealand's Proposal for an extension to its Exploratory Toothfish fishery
SC6-DW04 Data management for Exploratory fisheries (Annex 2)
SC6-DW05 Design of acoustic surveys and sampling for Orange roughy stock assessments
SC6-DW06 Interim categorisation of SPRFMO species into tiered assessment framework
SC6-DW07 Update on progress on PSA and SAFE ecological risk assessment for secondary teleosts
SC6-DW08 Quantitative risk assessment for Deepwater sharks caught in SPRFMO bottom Fisheries
SC6-DW09 Methods of deriving thresholds for VME encounter protocols for SPRFMO bottom fisheries
SC6-DW10 Cumulative bottom impact statistics for SPRFMO bottom fishing methods
SC6-DW11 Methods of designing spatial management areas using outputs from Zonation
SC6-DW12 Summary of scientific underpinnings of proposals for a revised bottom fishing CMM
SC6-DW13 Review of the SPRFMO Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard (BFIAS)
SC6-DW14 Benthic Sampling and bycatch data, Including VME taxa, in SPRFMO bottom Fisheries

SC6-SQ Squid working group papers

SC6-SQ01 Squid Datasets held by the Secretariat
SC6-SQ02 Biological-fishing aspects of jumbo flying squid in Chilean waters
SC6-SQ03 Biological, population structure and fishery of Jumbo flying squid in Peru
SC6-SQ04 Diet and feeding of Jumbo flying squid in the southern Humboldt upwelling system
SC6-SQ05 Depletion models with successive pulses for Humboldt squid in Central Chile
SC6-SQ06 A size-structured model for Jumbo flying squid in South-east Pacific
SC6-SQ07 A stock assessment method for Jumbo flying squid in Peruvian waters
SC6-SQ08 Comparison of different squid simulations
SC6-SQ09 SquidSIM
SC6-SQ10 Genetic assessment of diversity and population structure of Jumbo flying squid
SC6-SQ11 Gene sequencing for Jumbo flying squid in the South East Pacific

SC6-INF Information papers

SC6-INF01 Scientific publications dealing with the Jumbo flying squid (Bol Inst Mar Per 33/2)
SC6-INF02 The 2014 Orange roughy stock assessments (New Zealand FAR 2014/50)
SC6-INF03 ACAP Global review of nature and extent of trawl net captures

SC6-Obs Observer papers

SC6-Obs01 NZHSG Comments on encounter protocols

Other Useful Documents

COMM6 Workplan for the Scientific Committee

Guidelines for Annual National Reports

Protocol for papers to be submitted to the Scientific Committee