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7th SPRFMO Scientific Committee meeting

Havana, Cuba
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
7 October to 12 October 2019
Mr. Niels Hintzen

The Seventh Scientific Committee (SC7) meeting took place in Havana, Cuba, from 7 to 12 October 2019, with the Hotel Nacional de Cuba as venue. The  SC  Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Niels Hintzen (EU), took on the Chairperson responsibilities.

The Seventh SC Meeting Report (SC7), the Second Squid Workshop Report (SCW8), the Second Habitat Monitoring Workshop Report (SCW9), and the Jack mackerel Technical Annex Rev1 (SC7-Report Annex 8 Rev1) are now available.

The SC7 meeting was preceded by the second Squid Workshop (SCW8) from 5 to 6 October; the Chairperson of the Squid Working Group is Dr. Gang Li (China). The Habitat Monitoring Working Group also carried out its 2nd Workshop (SCW9) on 6 October; the Co-Chairs for the Habitat Monitoring Working Group are Dr. Mariano Gutiérrez (Peru) and Dr. Aquiles Sepúlveda (Chile).

 A group photo of the attendees is available and the following papers were discussed and available during the meeting. 

The following papers were discussed and available during the meeting. All late papers were accepted.


SC7-Doc01_rev4     Provisional Agenda 
SC7-Doc02              Annotated Agenda
SC7-Doc03_rev2     List of Documents
SC7-Doc04              Indicative Meeting Schedule
SC7-Doc05_rev1     "Expanded" SC Multi-Annual Workplan
SC7-Doc06              DRAFT Protocol for SPRFMO SC Submissions
SC7-Doc07              DRAFT Guidelines for annual report to the SPRFMO SC
SC7-Doc08              SPRFMO Performance review (SC recommendations)
SC7-Doc09              July 2019 Summary of web meeting(s)
SC7-Doc10              Secretariat SC related activities
SC7-Doc11              Coarse summary of Observer coverage in SPRFMO
SC7-Doc12              Observer programme accreditation process and progress 
SC7-Doc13              Update of bycatch of Species of Concern in SPRFMO
SC7-Doc14              Secretariat VMS summary and SC access to data
SC7-Doc15              Capacity building needs for the SC
SC7-Doc16_rev1     Status and use of the SC funds 
SC7-Doc17              Future SC meeting planning
SC7-Doc18              Status of previous SC recommendations
SC7-Doc19              EU's Annual report
SC7-Doc20              EU's Observer Implementation report
SC7-Doc21              Vanuatu Annual report 
SC7-Doc22              Australia Annual report
SC7-Doc23              New Zealand Annual report
SC7-Doc24              Managing scientific research in the SPRFMO Convention Area
SC7-Doc25              Deep-ocean climate change impacts on habitat, fish, and fisheries
SC7-Doc26              Ecuador Annual Report
SC7-Doc27              United States of America Annual Report
SC7-Doc28              Chinese Taipei Annual report
SC7-Doc29              Chile Annual report (Jack mackerel)
SC7-Doc30              Chile Annual report (Jumbo squid)
SC7-Doc31              China Annual report (Jack mackerel)
SC7-Doc32              China Annual report (Jumbo squid)
SC7-Doc33              Peru Annual report (SPRFMO Area)
SC7-Doc34              Peru Annual report (ANJ)
SC7-Doc35              Korea Annual report
SC7-Doc36              Russian Federation Annual report


SC7-JM01_rev1     CJM Catch History and predicted 2019 catches (Annex 1_rev2)
SC7-JM02              Space-time dynamics of Chilean jack mackerel fishery from South-central Chile in 2019
SC7-JM03              The jack mackerel fishery in Ecuador: Towards a participatory framework into the SPRFMO SC 
SC7-JM04              Jack mackerel distribution in Peruvian national waters during 2018-2019
SC7-JM05              Minutes of the web meeting of stakeholders for the SPRFMO MSE project 
SC7-JM06_rev1     CPUE standardization for the offshore Jack mackerel fleet
SC7-JM07              PFA self sampling report for SPRFMO, 2015-2019


SC7-DW01_rev2     Cook Islands Fisheries Operational Plan for an Exploratory Potting Fishery
SC7-DW02              Cook Islands exploratory lobster trap fishing in the SPRFMO – Trips 1 and 2
SC7-DW03_rev3    Chile exploratory fishing for Patagonian toothfish within the SPRFMO Area  
SC7-DW04              Update on New Zealand's exploratory toothfish fishery 
SC7-DW05              A 2019 orange roughy stock assessment for Louisville Ridge
SC7-DW06              A 2019 stock assessment of ORH 7A including Westpac Bank
SC7-DW07_rev1     Stock assessment and catch limit proposals for Westpac Bank orange roughy
SC7-DW08              Approach to updating stock assessments for the Tasman Sea stocks of orange roughy
SC7-DW09              Candidate species for stock structure delineation 
SC7-DW10_rev1     Ecological risk assessment (ERA) for SPRFMO deepwater chondrichthyans
SC7-DW11               ERAs for teleosts in SPRFMO demersal trawl, midwater trawl and demersal longline fisheries
SC7-DW12               Data compilation for VME indication taxa & implications for SPRFMO habitat suitability models
SC7-DW13               A review of VME indicator taxa for the SPRFMO Convention Area
SC7-DW14               Evaluating the availability of data to assess catchability of VME indicator taxa 
SC7-DW15               Summary of recent benthic bycatch data
SC7-DW16_rev1      Design of a review process for VME encounters in bottom fisheries in the SPRFMO Area
SC7-DW17_rev1      Progress toward a review of spatial and other management measures (CMM03-2019)
SC7-DW18               Approaches used by other RFMOs and CCAMLR to avoid significant adverse impacts on VMEs
SC7-DW19               Revision of the SPRFMO Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard (covering paper) 
SC7-DW20               Age data of orange roughy from the central Louisville Seamount Chain in 1995 and 2013-15
SC7-DW21_rev1     Uncertainty in model predictions and VME thresholds for CMM 03-2019      
SC7-DW22               Cook Islands exploratory lobster trap fishing: Analyses of the biology of Jasus caveoruum 


SC7-SQ01     Squid Datasets held by the Secretariat
SC7-SQ02     Distribution and fishing of jumbo squid off the Chilean coast in the 2019 season
SC7-SQ03     Changes in predominance of phenotypic groups of Jumbo flying squid in Peruvian waters
SC7-SQ04     Protocol for biological and biometric sampling of Jumbo Flying Squid in Peru
SC7-SQ05     Korean Observer report on squid jigging fishery in the SPRFMO Area
SC7-SQ06     Simulation study estimating observer coverage rate based on the 2018 China program
SC7-SQ07     A size-structure model to assess the Jumbo flying squid in the equatorial waters
SC7-SQ08     Direct evaluation of Jumbo squid in Chile
SC7-SQ09     Monitoring system for the Jumbo flying squid fishery in Peru
SC7-SQ10     IMARPE protocol for collecting jumbo flying squid muscle tissue for molecular analysis
SC7-SQ11     RAD sequencing technology for the evaluation of the Jumbo flying squid in Peru
SC7-SQ12     Genetic diversity and population structure of jumbo flying squid in the Southeast Pacific 
SC7-SQ13     Jumbo flying squid distribution in Peruvian national waters during 2018-2019
SC7-SQ14     Environmental variability and abundance, availability, size and condition of Squid in Chile


SC7-HM01     Preferred habitat of Jack mackerel and chub mackerel in Peruvian National waters
SC7-HM02     Habitat Monitoring of Jack mackerel based on acoustics from fishing vessels
SC7-HM03     Spatio-temporal distribution pattern of jack mackerel off South-central Chile


SC7-Obs01     HSFG Information Paper to SPRFMO SC 2019
SC7-Obs02     CALAMASUR Draft Conservation and Management Measure for Jumbo flying squid
SC7-Obs03     HSFG Stock assessment and Impacts of fishing on Jasus caveoruum
SC7-Obs04     DSCC Paper for the 7th Scientific Committee of the SPRFMO


SC7-Inf01     A Management Strategy Evaluation for Orange Roughy
SC7-Inf02     Data Preparation for Southeast Pacific Blue and Shortfin Mako Sharks