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Microsoft Teams
3 October to 8 October 2020
Dr Jim Ianelli


The Eighth Scientific Committee (SC8) meeting was hosted by New Zealand but held remotely via Microsoft Teams, from 3 to 8 October 2020 (NZT). The  SC  Chairperson, Dr Jim Ianelli (USA), led the meeting with the support of the SC Vice-chairperson Mr Niels Hintzen (EU).

The SC8 meeting was preceded by the third Deepwater Workshop (SCW10) from 30 September to 2 October. 

The Eighth SC Meeting Report (SC8), the third Deepwater Workshop report (SCW10), and the Jack mackerel Technical Annex (SC8-Report Annex 3) are posted on this section as they become available.

The following papers were discussed and available during the meeting. All late papers were accepted.


SC8-Doc01_rev1             Provisional Meeting Agenda
SC8-Doc02                      Provisional Annotated Agenda 
SC8-Doc03_rev3             List of Documents
SC8-Doc04_rev3             Indicative Meeting Schedule (updated)
SC8-Doc05                      SC Multi-annual workplan
SC8-Doc06_rev1             Web meeting Summaries
SC8-Doc07                      Secretariat SC related activities
SC8-Doc08                      Status of previous SC recommendations
SC8-Doc09                      Status and use of the SC Funds
SC8-Doc10                      Future meeting plans
SC8-Doc11_rev2_clean Current SPRFMO bycatch records including species of concern 
SC8-Doc12                      European Union Annual Report 
SC8-Doc13                      Australia Annual report
SC8-Doc14                      New Zealand Annual Report
SC8-Doc15                      United States of America Annual Report
SC8-Doc16                      Russian Federation Annual Report
SC8-Doc17                      Vanuatu Annual Report
SC8-Doc18                      Korea Annual Report
SC8-Doc19                      China Annual Report (Jack Mackerel)
SC8-Doc20_rev1            China Annual Report (Squid)
SC8-Doc21                      China Observer Implementation Report
SC8-Doc22                      Chinese Taipei Annual Report
SC8-Doc23                      Peru Annual Report (SPRFMO Area)
SC8-Doc24                      Peru Annual Report (ANJ)
SC8-Doc25                      Cook Islands Annual Report 
SC8-Doc26                      Chile Annual report Jack mackerel
SC8-Doc27                      Chile Annual report Jumbo Squid
SC8-Doc28                      Ecuador Annual report
SC8-Doc29                      Ecuador Annual Report Jumbo Squid


SC8-JM01         CJM Catch History and predicted 2020 catches (Annex 1 rev 2)
SC8-JM02         CPUE standardization for the offshore fleet fishing for JM in the SPRFMO area
SC8-JM03         PFA Self sampling report for SPRFMO 2020
SC8-JM04         Comparison of PFA self-sampling with EU observer data
SC8-JM05         Summary of MSE project
SC8-JM06         CPUE Analysis CJM purse seine fishery center-south Chile 1994-2020
SC8-JM07         Catch-at-age structure of CJM for 1990-2018 using a new ageing criterion
SC8-JM08         Space-time variability of Jack mackerel fishery 2020
SC8-JM09         CJM Validation of Daily Growth Microincrements in Otoliths


SC8-DW01_rev1  CK Fisheries Operation Plan for an Exploratory Trap Fishery in the SPRFMO Area
SC8-DW02            CK exploratory lobster trap fishing in the SPRFMO - Trips 1 to 4
SC8-DW03            Estimating biomass of Jasus caveorum on Kopernik Seamount in the South Pacific Ocean from the CK trap fishery
SC8-DW04            Estimating encounter rates with vulnerable marine ecosystem indicator species at Kopernik Seamount in the South Pacific Ocean from the CK lobster trap fishery
SC8-DW05_rev2   EU proposal for exploratory fishing for Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish within the SPRFMO Area, 2021-2023
SC8-DW06_rev3   CL Exploratory potting fishing plan for Jasus spp and Chaceon spp in SPRFMO Area 
SC8-DW07_rev1   AU-NZ Cumulative Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment for Australian and New Zealand bottom fisheries in the SPRFMO Convention Area, 2020
SC8-DW08            EU Exploratory Patagonian toothfish demersal longline fishery Survey Report
SC8-DW09            NZ Progress report on NZ’s exploratory fishery for toothfish
SC8-DW10            NZ Stock assessments for NW Challenger & Lord Howe Rise orange roughy
SC8-DW11            NZ VME taxa for SPRFMO Area
SC8-DW12            NZ Process for reviewing VME encounters
SC8-DW13            NZ Review of NZ benthic bycatch for 2019
SC8-DW14            Interactions with marine mammals, seabirds, reptiles, other species of concern
SC8-DW15            Cook Islands checklist for exploratory fisheries proposal
SC8-DW16            EU Checklist for exploratory fisheries proposal
SC8-DW17            Key changes in rev1 of the BFIA
SC8-DW18            Chile Checklist for exploratory fisheries proposal


SC8-SQ01_rev1_clean      Update of Squid Datasets held by the Secretariat
SC8-SQ02                           Maturity staging for squid


SC8-HM01       Existing environmental data for habitat studies
SC8-HM02       Guidelines on a Protocol for Acoustic Data Collection
SC8-HM03       Jack and Chub Mackerel 2011-2020
SC8-HM04       Monitoring programs in Peru
SC8-HM05       Changes in the habitat of Jack mackerel and Chub mackerel 2018-2020 Peru
SC8-HM06       Habitat monitoring Jack mackerel and chub mackerel 2019-2020 Peru
SC8-HM07       Spatial occurrence of Jack mackerel using Bayesian Hierarchical spatial models
SC8-HM08       Habitat monitoring based on acoustics from fishing vessels


SC8-Obs01       Oceana SPRFMO Proposal for Salas y Gomez and Nazca ridges
SC8-Obs02       DSCC paper for SPRFMO SC8
SC8-Obs03       DSCC Seamounts, VMEs and Spatial management
SC8-Obs04        ABNJ Deep Seas Project report to SPRFMO SC8 2020
SC8-Obs05        Research Collaboration Proposal Between FAO-SPRFMO-GFW