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SCW13 Deepwater

21 September to 23 September 2021
Dr John Syslo

A Deepwater Working Group Workshop (SCW13) was held on 21/22/23 September 2021. The Deepwater Working Group interim Chairperson is Dr John Syslo.

The SCW13 Report is now available.

The discussion topics/schedule for the workshop were as follows: 

Session 1
1. Opening of the meeting

a. Identification of participants
b. Confirmation of discussion topics

2. Updated list of VME taxa (incorporating FAO criteria)
3. Update Candidate VME taxa thresholds
4. Determination of optimal move-on distance
5. Design of a review process for VME encounters
6. Review of the 2020 encounter consistent with CMM 03-2019

Session 2
7. Westpac Bank BFI addendum
8. Spatial protection scenarios of VME taxa in the SPRFMO area

Session 3
9. Assessment on how ID guides for VME taxa could be developed
10. Joint AUS/NZ LHR ORH otolith age reading
11. Framework for providing precautionary advice on captures of marine mammals, seabirds, reptiles, and other species of concern
12. DSCC SC09 Obs01 and 02
13. Deepwater fisheries species profiles
14. Other matters