Jack mackerel school of fish

The sixth workshop of the Scientific Committee met in Valparaiso, Chile, 28-30 May 2018, to review the Jack mackerel stock, assessment with the Hotel Diego de Almagro as the venue. The Chairperson of Scientific Committee (Mr Jim Ianelli, USA) chaired the workshop.

SC 6th Workshop - Jack mackerel assessment

SCW6-Doc01 Provisional Annotated Agenda
SCW6-Doc02 Summary notes of the March 2018 Web meeting
SCW6-Doc03 T. murphyi catch history and 2018 monthly catches (Annex 1)
SCW6-Doc04 Applying the SAM framework to Chilean Jack mackerel in the SPRFMO Area
SCW6-Doc05 CPUE Standardization for the offshore fleet fishing for Jack mackerel in the SPRFMO Area
SCW6-Doc06 Jack mackerel implemented on SS3
SCW6-Doc07 SAM for Jack mackerel
SCW6-Doc08 SPICT for Jack makerel
SCW6-Doc09 Current status of age research in Chile

SCW6-Doc10 Data updates for Jack mackerel
SCW6-Doc11 Spatio-Temporal aspects of the South Central Chile Fishery
SCW6-Doc12 Microincrements study for Jack mackerel
SCW6-Doc13 ICES-Transparent Assessment Framework
SCW6-Doc14 Results of the assessment runs
SCW6-Doc15 Applying the SPICT framework to Jack mackerel in the SPRFMO Area

Additional Material

2018 SC Workplan
SC5 Meeting
SPRFMO Convention