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Call for Proposals Observer Programme Accreditation Evaluator


Submissions are invited until 29 May 2019

SPRFMO is in the process of establishing its Observer Programme, as called for in Article 28 of its Convention. Currently, all Members and CNCPs are required to establish a national observer programme and ensure they meet prescribed observer coverage levels.

At its 7th Annual Meeting, the SPRFMO Commission adopted Conservation and Management Measure 16-2019 (Observer Programme). The Commission is seeking an external consultancy to undertake the review and evaluation of any observer programme submitted for accreditation by a Member, CNCP or service provider. 

In 2016, the Commission commenced efforts to develop a SPRFMO Observer Programme which would utilise independent and impartial observers sourced from national observer programmes or service providers to be accredited under consistent standards adopted by the Commission.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 29 May 2019, 5pm (NZT).

Consistent with Article 28 of the Convention, the SPRFMO Observer Programme will be coordinated by the Secretariat.

All information related to the Observer Programme and progress on the tender process can be found on the Observer Programme page of this website.

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