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Establishment of Review Panel


The Review Panel to consider the Objection to CMM 1.01 has been established.

The Review Panel to consider the Russian Federation s objection to the Conservation and Management Measure for Trachurus murphyi (CMM 1.01)1 was established on 21 May 2013, in accordance with Annex II(1)(d) of the Convention.

The Russian Federation and the Chairperson agreed on the appointment of Professor Bernard H. Oxman as the third member and Chair of the Review Panel. Professor Oxman was nominated by New Zealand for the list of experts in the field of fisheries maintained by the Executive Secretary, pursuant to Annex II(1)(a).

The other members of the Review Panel, appointed in accordance with Annex II(1)(b), are Dr. Kamil A. Bekyashev (Russia), nominated by the Russian Federation, and Sra. Valeria Carvajal (Chile), nominated by the Chairperson.

1For further information on the Russian Federation s objection see the news item of 2013-05-02.