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SPRFMO-CPPS Memorandum of Understanding


The ceremony to celebrate the Memorandum was held during the last session of the 7th Commission meeting.

A Memorandum of Understanding between SPRFMO and the Permanent Commission of the South Pacific Ocean (CPPS) was formalised during the 7th meeting of the SPRFMO Commission. The MoU is particularly relevant considering both organisations share an important number of Members.

The agreement focuses mainly on three areas of common interest:

1. Institutional strenghtening, including training, sharing experiences and learning lessons;
2. Exchange of meeting reports, information, documents and publications; and
3. Exchange of data and scientific information in support of the work and objectives of both organisations

At the ceremony, CPPS was represented by Mr. Marcelo Nilo, and SPRFMO was represented by Mr. Osvaldo Urrutia and Dr. Sebastian Rodriguez, Chairperson and Executive Secretary of SPRFMO. The illustrious event took place during the morning of the closing session of the seventh SPRFMO annual meeting, at the NH Hotel, The Hague, The Netherlands, on 27 January 2019.