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As instructed by the SPRFMO Commission at its 10th Annual Meeting, held virtually in January 2022, a series of cooperation Memoranda of Understanding and Arrangements have been signed and extended over the first months of 2022.

SPRFMO-IATTC Memorandum of Understanding. 27 January 2022. The SPRFMO Secretariat met virtually with the IATTC Secretariat in January to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that aims at facilitating consultation, cooperation, and collaboration between both Organisations to advance their respective objectives and matters of common interest. This meeting provided both secretariats with an opportunity to introduce some of their staff members and their areas of work and for the executive secretaries to sign the MoU.

SPRFMO-CCAMLR Cooperation Arrangement. 17 February 2022. SPRFMO and CCAMLR have agreed to extend the cooperation Arrangement existing between both organisations for another three years. The Arrangement focuses on facilitating cooperation to advance objectives, particularly with regard to stocks and species of mutual interest; it was signed by the Chairperson of SPRFMO, Mr Luis Molledo, and the Chairperson of CCAMLR, Dr Jakob Granit.

SPRFMO-CPPS Memorandum of Understanding. 18 March 2022. The MoU between SPRFMO and CPPS was not only extended but also amended to move from a 3-year duration period to indefinite, with a requirement to report on progress every three years. The MoU was signed by the Executive Secretary of SPRFMO, Mr Craig Loveridge, and the Director ad interim of IATTC, Mr Jean-Francois Pulvenis.  

Work in the context of these cooperation agreements has started and the Secretariats have already commenced meetings and exchange of information.