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This page contains the external meetings attended by SPRFMO staff and officials on behalf of the organisation in 2019.


  • 21-29 October 2019, Hobart, Australia. SPRFMO's Data Manager, Craig Loveridge, attended 3 separate CCAMLR meetings. During the first week the Scientific Committee (SC-CAMLR) met concurrently with the Standing Committee on Implementation and Compliance (SCIC) and following those meetings the CCAMLR Commission convened. A Report of External Meeting  is available.
  • 23-27 September 2019, Bordeaux, France. The Faroe Islands attended the 41st NAFO Commission Meeting, observing the meeting on behalf of SPRFMO. Ms Kate Sanderson, Head of Delegation of the Faroe Islands to SPRFMO, and Vice Chairperson of the SPRFMO Commission, has provided the relevant summary report of the meeting.
  • 13-18 May 2019, Rome, Italy. SPRFMO's Data Manager, Craig Loveridge attended the 11th session of FIRMS steering committee (FSC11, 13-14 May), and the 26th session of the Coordinating Working Party on Fisheries Statistics (CWP, 15-18 May). The relevant Report with relevant information and assessment has been prepared and is available for download. 
  • 02-03 May 2019, New York, United States of America. SPRFMO's Executive Secretary, Dr. Sebastián Rodríguez Alfaro, attended the Fourteenth round of Informal Consultations of States Parties to the Agreement (ICSP-14), focusing on the topic “Performance reviews of regional fisheries management organizations and arrangements”. A summary report has been circulated to SPRFMO Members and CNCPs through letter G129-2019, and is also available here.  
  • 10-12 April 2019, Rome, Italy. SPRFMO's Executive Secretary, Dr. Sebasti n Rodr guez Alfaro, attended the ABNJ Deep Sea Project "Rights Based Management Workshop." A summary report has been circulated to SPRFMO Members and CNCPs through letter G22-2019, and is also available here.
  • 13-15 March 2019, Guayaquil, Ecuador. SPRFMO's Executive Secretary, Dr. Sebasti n Rodr guez Alfaro, attended the CPPS-ABNJ Workshop on Planning and Governance in ABNJ in the South-East Pacific. Dr. Rodr guez Alfaro's report of the meeting was circulated to SPRFMO Members and CNCPs through letter G21-2019, and is also available here.
  • 29 January - 04 February 2019, Brussels, Belgium, and London, United Kingdom. After the 7th Commission Meeting, SPRFMO's Data Manager, Mr. Craig Loveridge, visited the EU Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Units DG MARE B2 (RFMOs) and D4 (Fisheries Control and Inspection) in Brussels, and later visited the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), as well as IHS Markit and International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The report of this training, learning and exchange experience is now available here.


For information about the external meetings attended by staff and officials in previous years, please check the list below: