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Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard

The 7th meeting of the Scientific Committee approved a new Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard in October 2019. Prior to this, the 3rd Session of the Preparatory Conference had adopted the 2011 version of the Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment Standard in February 2012. Previous to this, assessments were evaluated by the Science Working Group in terms of the interim Benthic Assessment Framework and a Process for the Preparation and Evaluation of Benthic Assessments was adopted at the 4th meeting of the International Consultations. CMM-03 requires Members and CNCPs to ensure that an assessment meeting the BFIA requirements is submitted to the Scientific Committee at least every 3 years, and also when a substantial change in the fishery has occurred, such that it is likely that the risk or impact of the fishery may have changed. In addition, CMM-03 requires that the Scientific Committee shall review the SPRFMO BFIA every 5 years, starting in 2025, to ensure that it reflects, as appropriate, best practice.


Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment 

The 8th meeting of the Scientific Committee approved a cumulative Bottom Fishing Impact Assessment jointly presented by Australia and New Zealand (under the 2019 BFIAs): SC8-DW07_rev1 in October 2020. Prior to this there were separate Bottom Fishing Impact Assessments for New Zealand (2008)European Union (2008), and  Australia (SWG-10-DW-01a and SWG-10-DW-01b).