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This page contains the external meetings attended by SPRFMO staff and officials on behalf of the organisation in 2020.


  • Pan-Pacific Fisheries Compliance Network (PPFCN): The PPFCN is a recently formed informal group of RFMO Compliance Officers supported by the International Monitoring, Control, Surveillance (IMCS) Network. The goal of this informal group is to work together towards establishing closer links and better enable networking with other colleagues primarily in the Pacific region who are facing similar compliance challenges in the fight against IUU fishing. The Compliance Manager participated on behalf of SPRFMO in 4 virtual meetings late in 2020 (26 October, 10 and 24 November, and 15 December) that resulted in the establishment of a formal Operational Framework to guide the PPFCN. The finalized Operational Framework is now available.
  • FAO Study Transhipment: A Closer Look: The Compliance Manager and Data Manager participated in a webinar on December 15, 2020 organized for “Asia and Pacific” regions to report out, and seek feedback, on the key findings of the study published in their report that was released on December 14th. The study explores the challenges posed by the transfer of catch between fishing vessels and the risk that this activity may facilitate the introduction of catch sourced from illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing into the seafood supply chain.  Further discussions on the challenges and risks posed by transshipment will be held at the 34th Committee on Fisheries meeting scheduled to be held by FAO virtually during the first week of February 2021.
  • PEW 2020 Virtual Expert Workshop on Best Practices for Compliance in RFMOs (7-11 September 2020): the SPRFMO Chairperson led the Pacific part of this workshop (supported by the Coordination and Communications Officer), whilst the Acting Executive Secretary and Compliance Manager attended in their individual capacities in the Regional Group sessions. 
  • 26-27 February 2020, Lima, Peru. SPRFMO was represented by New Zealand's Fisheries Principal Adviser, Dr Martin Cryer at the Dialogue Workshop "Enhancing the Knowledge Base for Cross-Sectoral Management and Ocean Governance in ABNJ of the Southeast Pacific", organised by the CPPS Secretariat and the STRONG High Seas Project. Dr Cryer gave a presentation addressing SPRFMO's ongoing work related to ABNJ and BBNJ. A workshop summary is available.


For information about the external meetings attended by staff and officials in previous years, please check the list below: