Jack mackerel school of fish

The transfers of jack mackerel catch entitlement carried out in accordance to CMM 01 are contained in this page; for convenience, the transfers have been split by year.


CMM 01 (Trachurus murphyi), paragraph 9:

"By 31 December each year a Member or CNCP may transfer to another Member or CNCP all or part of its entitlement to catch up to the limit set out in Table 1, without prejudice to future agreements on the allocation of fishing opportunities, subject to the approval of the receiving Member or CNCP. When receiving fishing entitlement by transfer, a Member or CNCP may either allocate it domestically or endorse arrangements between owners participating in the transfer. Members and CNCPs receiving fishing entitlements by transfer who have consented to a total allowable catch that will apply throughout the range of the fishery resource under Art 20(4)(a)(iii) may pursue those entitlements in the Convention Area and in their areas under their national jurisdiction. Before the transferred fishing takes place, the transferring Member or CNCP shall notify the transfer to the Executive Secretary for circulation to Members and CNCPs without delay."