Jack mackerel school of fish


The seventh round of international consultations on the establishment of the South Pacific RFMO was held from 18-22 May 2009 in Lima, Peru.  Meetings of the SWG and DIWG were held during the preceding week: 11 -15 May 2009.  A Jack Mackerel Stock Assessment Workshop was held during the week of 4 - 8 May 2009

On 6 April 2009, the Chair of the international negotiations distributed a covering letter and a fifth revision of the draft Convention text to participants for consideration at the Lima meeting.


Science and Data Working Groups

Please check the Science Working Group 7th Meeting page and Data and Information Group 7th Meeting pages for information about these meetings. 


Meeting Report

Meeting Report

Annex A - Agenda

Annex B- Report of the Executive Secretary

Annex C - Report of the DIWG

Annex D - Report of the SWG

Annex E - List of Participants