Jack mackerel school of fish

The second session of the Preparatory Conference for the establishment of the Commission of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation was held in Cali, Colombia between 24 to 28 January 2011.

On 3 December 2010, the Chair of the Preparatory Conference distributed a letter concerning the meeting, together with an attached spreadsheet that might assist delegations in their preparation for the agenda item dealing with financial regulations.


Meeting Report

Annex A - Agenda

Annex B - Report of the Ninth Science Working Group (4 MB)

Annex C - 2011 Interim Measures

Annex D - Suggested Scientific Work Programme

Annex E - Eighth Data and Information Working Group Report

Annex F - 2011 Data Standards

Annex G - Draft Financial Regulations

Annex H - List of Attendees


Declaration on the Conservation of Fisheries Resources in the South Pacific High Seas (CPPS)

Declaration of the Republic of Cuba

Statement of the Russian Federation on 2011 Interim Measures

Statement of the Kingdom of Denmark in respect of the Faroe Islands on 2011 Interim Measures