Jack mackerel school of fish


The Second Squid Workshop of the Scientific Committee was held in Havana, Cuba, preceding the SC7 meeting. 

The workshop will be posted as soon as it is available.

The discussion topics for the meeting were as follows: 

1 Basic biology

     1.1 Age, growth and maturity
     1.2 Spawning, reproduction and migration mode
     1.3 Foraging behavior and diet composition

2 Stock assessment, data and modeling approach

     2.1 Catch and CPUE data
     2.2 Biological data sampling and observer coverage simulation study
     2.3 Acoustic surveys data and biomass estimation
     2.4 Stock assessment model development and testing

3 Squid connectivity

     3.1 Standardized genetic sequencing method and data analysis
     3.2 Stock structure and connectivity

4 Squid related CMM

     4.1 Precautionary measures on Protecting Area for spawners
     4.2 Other potential measures

5 Other items