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Job Opportunity at CCAMLR


CCAMLR seeks for a new Fisheries Monitoring and Compliance Manager

Position: Fisheries Monitoring and Compliance (FMC) Manager 
Position Type: International Professional Officer P3–P4
Position Term: Full time four-year contract with a renewal term of a second four years
Purpose: This position will provide strategic oversight, coordination, team leadership and work program management of the Secretariat’s fisheries monitoring and compliance services.
Application deadline: 6th December 2019

The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), an intergovernmental organisation based in Hobart, Tasmania invites applications for the position of Fishery Monitoring & Compliance Manager. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to CCAMLR's work and to the management of Southern Ocean fisheries.

This is a leadership position in the CCAMLR Secretariat, taking responsibility for the delivery of fishery monitoring and compliance work remitted to the Secretariat in respect of all fisheries operating in the CCAMLR Convention Area. Accountable directly to the Executive Secretary, you will work with your team and with Members throughout the year to ensure that CCAMLR fisheries are conducted in compliance with conservation measures and are managed within the catch limits set by the Commission. The post is also responsible for the management of the trade-based Catch Document Scheme for toothfish and liaison with Contracting Parties and non-Contracting Parties to ensure its effective implementation.

A full description of this offer can be accessed on CCAMLR's website:https://ccamlr.recruitmenthub.com.au/Vacancies/4900060/title/Fisheries-Monitoring-Compliance-Manager

If you need further information regarding this position please contact Angie McMahon, Human Resources Officer, on + 61 3 6210 1140

Applications close 5pm AEDT 6th December 2019


To be eligible for this role you must be a national of a country which is specifically listed as a Member of CCAMLR - you can review the list here: https://www.ccamlr.org/node/74361