Jack mackerel school of fish

Successful SC7 - Reports available


Reports of SC7, SCW8 and SCW9 are now available

The Seventh Meeting of the SPRFMO Scientific Committee (SC7) concluded sucessfully. The meeting took place in Havana, Cuba, between 7 and 12 October, and was preceded by the second Squid Workshop (SCW8) and the second Habitat Monitoring Workshop (SCW9) between 5 and 6 October 2019.

Over 70 participants (scientists from 13 SPRFMO Members, representatives from 3 NGOs, two external invited experts and the Secretariat) reviewed and assessed almost 90 working papers.

The three meetings produced their respective reports. The report of the SC7, including the Jack mackerel Technical Annex, as well as the reports of the SCW8 and SCW9 are now available on the SPRFMO website: https://www.sprfmo.int/meetings/scientific-committee/7th-sc-2019/

SC Group Photo