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8th FAC 2021

22 January to 22 January 2021
Ms Kerrie Robertson

The 8th meeting of the SPRFMO Finance and Administration Committee (FAC8) 
was held virtually on 22 January 2021 (NZDT).  

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The FAC8-Report is now available (uploaded on 11 March 2021) 

FAC8-Doc01_rev1       FAC8 Meeting Agenda
FAC8-Doc02                Annotated FAC Agenda
FAC8-Doc03                List of meeting documents (FAC)
FAC8-Doc04                Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2020
FAC8-Doc04.1             Statement of transfers of appropriations (FR3.3)
FAC8-Doc04.2_rev1    SPRFMO Contingency Fund (FR, Annex 2)
FAC8-Doc04.3_rev1    Status of Scientific Support Fund & Developing States Fund
FAC8-Doc05_rev1       SPRFMO Report of Income 
FAC8-Doc06_rev1       Draft Budget for Financial Year 2021-2022 and Forecast Budget for 2022-23
FAC8-Doc06.1             SPRFMO Secretariat Travel Plan for Financial Year 2021-2022
FAC8-Doc06.2_rev1    Explanatory note regarding database developments and update
FAC8-Doc06.3             Estimate of additional financial impacts or influence on the Secretariat work arising from proposed CMMs
FAC8-Doc07                Calculation of contributions for FY 2021-22 and estimate of contributions for FY 2022-23
FAC8-Doc08_rev1       Secretariat’s 2020 Administrative Report
FAC8-Doc08.1             SPRFMO Convention Simplified Chinese Translation  
FAC8-Doc08.2_rev1    SPRFMO Convention Traditional Chinese Translation 
FAC8-Doc08.3             SPRFMO Convention Spanish Translation 
FAC8-Doc09                RESTRICTED Staff Performance Review Summary
FAC8-Doc10                RESTRICTED Secondment Assessment
FAC8-Doc11                RESTRICTED Retirement fund options for Internationally Recruited Staff
FAC8-Doc12                RESTRICTED Draft Executive Secretary Contract 
FAC8-Doc13_rev1      Potential hosting for future SPRFMO meetings